Midweek Weekend Events

Good morning ya’ll!

I wish I was as animated as I may seem writing like that, but the truth is, this girl is beat!  For the first time in a very very long time, my alarm had to wake me up… at 6am!  The last time I even slept till that time had to be a month ago.  I guess that will happen when you become a little party animal 😉


IMG_0145Sprouted cereal with almond milk, banana, and berries.  Light, simple, and delicious. And fast. Because I’m always running late.  Especially to work….


IMG_0148Veggie burger with hummus, tomato, and sprouts, in a sprouted english muffin.  Twas insanely delicious and filling, which was great because I had a surprise visit at work! With a nectarine and ginger kombucha on the side.  Those strawberries?  From the morning as well, and still at work.  Probably should get on that.

My brother and cousin came to surprise me and take me out to the movies after work.  I literally clocked out at 2:59 to make a 3 o’clock movie.  We saw Monsters University.  Seriously hilarious!  I felt like such crazy person laughing by myself though since I was sitting next to people (little kids) I didn’t know.  We went to those new dine in theaters, which I won’t lie about, are really comfty, but there is too much going on.  With assigned seating, orders, and food going around.  I still rather be in my pajama’s watching a movie.


Afterwards we dropped off my cousin so she would be able to come back home.  With my brother starving and me too lazy to cook, we went out to eat.  I almost felt bad considering we had a lot of food in the house, but after sitting down and getting to catch up with my brother, it was so worth it.  We went to Thai!

IMG_0149Thai Salad with Peanut Dressing

IMG_0153Vegetarian Stuffed Pastries with A Really Good Sauce?IMG_0155Stuffed with Potatoes and Curry

IMG_0156Vegetarian Noodles with a Spicy Thai Sauce.  Serious Yum.

We shared the appetizer and entree.  Perfect portions.  To walk it off and kill a little time we went to Barnes and Nobles and Target.  Just browsing with an intention for a new notebook.  I finished my journal a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been itching to start a little writing again.  Then I also purchased this beauty.

IMG_0159Couldn’t resist!  So cute.  So necessary.  I can’t wait to start using.  Recipe drafting, perhaps?

Soon after there was an iced coffee in my hand.  I knew I had a long night ahead of me, so I tried to prepare myself.  15 minutes before we had to leave I was laying in bed.  Obviously my grandma status was trying to get the best of me.  Yet, we got ready and went out to a bar by my old school.  I really never went out in college, so this was definitely new to me.  Cheap drinks and good friends to just sing a long with you to every song, it turned out to be a great time.

IMG_0167Cranberry and vodka.  Held on to that one for two hours 🙂

Hoping this morning coffee lasts me for the day!



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