Rainy Summer Day

Good morning people!

Hope you all had a good, productive, lazy, whatever-tickles-your-fancy (is that the expression?) Monday.  Even with a blah start, mine ended up being pretty productive.  That rain was sure coming down and while you would think that would stop people from doing anything, I think many are starting to realize you just have to do it regardless.  I mean in the end, it’s still warm, so all you really have to worry about is frizzy puffy hair?


IMG_0132Before yoga I had some sprouted toast with almond butta, raspberry jam, and blueberries on the side.  Twas delicious and hit the spot.  Usually I’m used to two pieces of toast, but I wanted to keep it light so I don’t feel too full at yoga.  So, instead I grab the thickest piece of toast I could find.  Typical.

I didn’t even end up going to yoga.  I was almost there, when this bucket of water (alot of rain) was pouring onto my car.  Every body started pulling over, so to follow the trend and maybe not die, I did too.  20 minutes later I decided to make my way home.  So close to an amazing workout, washed away.


I decided to make use of the extra time I had, and just did some deep cleaning.  Cleaning the bathrooms = cardio workout and arm toning.  It’s also a good thing because I got to enjoy these babies hot and fresh right after…

IMG_0137Bacalaitos – puertorican codfish fritters; amazing fried food goodness

I really should one day share this recipe with you.  It’s not so healthy, but it’s pretty damn good.  And on a rainy day, I wouldn’t mine indulging in one or five of these babies.

IMG_0140With a little a cafe con leche organico.  Semi-healthy, no?


IMG_0142This is it!  It taste green, healthy, and has some body for a fulfilling feeling.  Remember the other one I showed you.  Well that one is just apple and kale.  This green juice is much more similar to the Blue Print.  With cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, collards, lemon, and ginger!  The apple is great just for that touch of sweetness that I think is very necessary with all them greens!  I got this on sale at Whole Foods yesterday and just had to try it.  I needed some greens in me anyways.


Work was hectic.  Like I said, this rain was not stopping anyone!  After talking to the customers a lot of them just said they just needed to get out.  Preferably in a place in air conditioning.  I guess the sale might have lured them in too.  All I can say is Monday can no longer be considered a cheap slow day, in my eyes.  It’s the new Friday, ya’ll!

IMG_0143So with all that business at work, I needed food.  Like real yummy healthy filling food.  Chipotle!  Brown rice, black beans, peppers and onions, corn, tomatoes, guacamole, and a little bit of lettuce.  Washed everything down with some ginger tea too.  I didn’t even think I would have dinner, but I knew it would be a long night, so I mentally and physically prepared myself.

So that was my day in eats and productivity.  I feel as if I haven’t done one of these posts in forever and I’m actually so glad I made it a point to do it this morning.  I was going to go to yoga instead.  Instead of getting up earlier and rushing, I decided to just sleep a little later to get at least my five hours of sleep in (new rule) blog, eat, and calmly get ready for work.  I think an evening yoga class will do my body just fine 🙂

Enjoy your day, peeps!






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