The Weekend and Daily

Good morning everyone!


It’s a dreary start to the day which has my motivation to do anything slipping from my finger tips.  I have a less hectic week than normal planned, which only means I don’t have any excuse not to get other work done.  I feel like a semi-normal person who actually has two days off this week!  Let’s hope for a little more productivity, or at least more than I’m showing this morning.


The weekend was pretty decent.  Mostly work, but I was able to enjoy a little bit of everyday with a special something.  Such as the picture above.  I actually got out of work earlier than usual, and even though I wasn’t that hungry, I made it a point to make something special.  It actually wasn’t anything special, BUT, the fact that I haven’t made myself a meal in weeks made me feel kind of good for doing a little something for me.  I was also so excited to have a couple of drinks (summa ales) that I didn’t even snap a good picture of la comida.  Whoops!  It was an easy delicious dish of sauteed garlicky kale, couscous, fried egg, and feta.  Simple  and delicious.

IMG_0095I’ve been trying to incorporate more juices and kombucha into my diet.  Everyday I have one of the two, usually more kombucha than juice for expens(iv)e reasons.  This Suja drink?  Pretty good.  I’m used to the Blueprint juices which are definitely much more “greener” in taste.  This one had a lot more apple, which gave it a much more appeasing taste that I think is great for beginners.

I’ve been doing this juice and kombucha kick (hopefully routine) as a way to get my nutrients from my veggies in and to keep my digestion in check, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I don’t eat a lot of veggies anymore.  Keep calm.  I shall carry on.  It’s just that I’ve been on the go so much, literally I’ve been eating sandwiches and bars to keep me going.  They are just easy, fast, and portable.  I’ve also been eating out a lot.  And not fancy sit-down dinners.  My foodie self can only wish.  It’s been packaged burritos, pre-made pastas, and even more sandwiches from wherever will give some warm veggies inside.

Since I have been lacking in the dairy/fermentation department, I need my probiotics in somehow.  Kombucha – fast, cheap(er), tastes like soda.  Perfect.  I absolutely love drinking this with my meals instead of water.  I know it’s not very Ayurveda of me, but I still think it’s healthy of me!  It gets my sweet tooth craving out of the way to, which makes it easier for me to enjoy a fruity snack later on.

IMG_0121Oh, and about that dairy.  I don’t think homemade cheesecake counts as a healthy probiotic, but rather healthy way to enjoy something you haven’t had in five months.  Savored. Every. Bite.


After a festive night of seeing family and friends, I didn’t really focus so much on the food there.  I ate before, as I was starving and not trying to starve elsewhere either.  I really enjoyed myself regardless.  So much so, coming home and only getting 4 hours of sleep didn’t seem so bad.  That ice coffee run?  Only for the love of ice coffee ❤

So there’s a little something of what went down for the weekend, mixed with everyday occurrences.  No doubt, after righting this post, I feel a little better about doing all these “fun” stuff this week.  Here’s to everyone who needs a little oomph or smile….


Enjoy loves,





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