Month: July 2013

My Day of Rest

Good morning!

How’s the last couple of days been for ya?  Mine went from pretty busy, to ridiculously chill.  Rarely do I ever get a day where I may sit and do nothing.  I’m talking about those straight up lazy days.  Usually where there is a nap involved, maybe some laundry, and pajamas are necessary for more than half the day.

Let’s start with Monday, shall we?


IMG_0616Pre yoga fueling.  Sprouted toasted, almond butter, banana, blueberries, and cinnamon.  Different and delicious.


IMG_0620Sorry for the bad lighting!  Here we have a kale and avocado salad, marinated veggies, bulgar tabouli, and sautéed chickpeas.  Two pounds gone way to fast.  Hibiscus Kombucha on the side.  I rushed doing groceries so I just picked up something to scarf down before work.

Tuesday – Lazy Day

I did go to yoga!  After not getting into bed till almost 12am, I woke up a little before 5am to get myself together before class.  What really happened though, was me falling asleep while having my water w/ lemon in bed.  *Very dangerous*


IMG_0621Post yoga fuel.  Overnight oats!  With blueberries, strawberries, and almond butta, I really don’t have this enough.  So good!


IMG_0623My very late, and very filling lunch.  Vegan pasteles with veggies and garbanzos, yellow rice, more garbanzos, and avocado.  Haven’t had this in a while.  I had come home starving from a friend’s house after just being a bit more lazy, so a second pastele was needed.

I was so full after, I literally had my tea and passed out for a good hour.  After I awoke, all I wanted to do was sleep more!  So my brother and I put on a movie and chilled out some more, until it was a little before 9pm and we decided to call it a night.  I almost felt guilty for having a day like this, because to be honest, I don’t think I can afford it.  And it was beautiful out!  I just reminded myself that this would be my last day off in two weeks and I have my three hours in the morning to get shit done.

My only regret…. I didn’t bake 😦  Must make time soon!

Hope you enjoy this fine Wednesday!




Good morning, loves!

I hope you all got to enjoy your weekend!  Mine was pretty good.   A little bit of work, a little bit of play, and a lot of good 😉

Started my weekend as a my week starts.  Can’t help it.  I love it.IMG_0569

Some of my faves…











IMG_0605Ending with a Garden Fresh Frittata made by Mama!

I lied.  Weekend ended with a pint of coconut milk ice cream and a movie.  It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  Paranorman, anyone?  Pretty good.  Pretty Scary.  


So my goal for the week is to be a little more productive.  I noticed that I give myself a lot of time in the morning to do the essentials.  The first hour is always chill time.  Don’t ever take that away from me, you will regret it if you do *Professor Umbridge voice*

Mostly I’m taking about, the next part of my morning.  I’m talking about taking even the only measly 10 min I have more seriously, the hour before yoga, more enjoyably.  Whether it be baking.  Planning the rest of my day.  School stuff.   DYI!!!  I may even have to start writing more lists.  I know some people get a real thrill out of those.  They are alright, I guess.  I used to be better at this, I don’t remember how I let it slip away.  Anyways, let us see how this week goes.  Maybe I may even indulge myself in a bedtime read :*  

Until next time, my dears!



Playing With My Mind

Good morning ya’ll!

It’s Friday!  Excited?  I hope so.  Whether or not you get to go out, sleep in, or just relax, ENJOY IT!

Yesterday was extremely cold in our part of town.  With frigid temperatures in the low 70’s, I almost shed a tear.  I may be a little over dramatic, especially since today will be hot again, but I was seriously scared.  Summer, you can’t leave me now!  Not ready!  Even seeing Fall Fashion makes me cringe.  At least everyone is still focused on summer’s bounty.  How are all the tomatoes and zucchinis treating you 😉

BreakfastIMG_0555Sprouted muffin, sunflower seed butter, banana, and cinnamon.  I don’t play games when the weather gets cold.  Almost made oatmeal….

LunchIMG_0560Rice and beans, jerk turkey thighs, plantain, yuca fries, and steamed veggies.  After a yoga class, six hours of no food, and frigid temperatures (yes, I will continue with the drama) my body needed some FOOD.  I wasn’t going to get the meat, but it looked hella good.  Thank you Whole Foods, for all that Caribbean comida.  Honestly I could have done with out the steamed veggies.  So not appetizing.  Where was the greens??  Oh well, I’ll take what I can get.  And yea,those cravings? Almost satisfied 🙂

IMG_0564Any one ever hear of Bilbery?  Thought I try something new.  I thought it taste like a fusion of blueberries and blackberries.  This was my drank of choice while I feasted.

Do your eating habits change with the weather?  Mine have to.  I’m a  with cold weather.  I need hot cooked foods filled with carbs and fats.  Oh, and protein.  I guess a light summer soup would be good too.  Mmmm, black bean soup!!! With avocado and warm tomatoes!  I swoon.  Need that in my life now.  Ugh.

IMG_05681 more time with IG swag!

Enjoy the weekend, loves!



Food Cravings With Meaning

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all have had a pleasant week so far, as it is almost over.  Yes, tomorrow is Friday, and how forever grateful I am.  The past couple of days have been a little bit busier for me, filled with errands, work, and nourishing comida.


Tuesday I felt all over the place.  From early morning yoga, to the doctors, to grocery shopping, and then finally work, needless to say I was happy once bed-time came at midnight.  Eats were simple.  There was slim pickin’s at first, but you work with what you got.

IMG_0543Waffle, sunflower seed butter, and frozen mixed berries.

IMG_0544Cute yellow plums from NY.

IMG_0545Veggie burger with hummus, tomato, and avocado, on a sprouted bun.  Curry massaged kale salad.

IMG_0546Dinner at work.


Yesterday was a little more calmer.  I was so exhausted and SORE, that I slept in a little longer (6 am like a badass) and focused on just getting ready for work.  I started a little earlier and got to sit through morning traffic… My favorite.  Thank God for The Weeknd.

IMG_0547Breakfast was the usual, but just as delicious.  When you’re in a rush, cereal is the perfect go-to meal, no?  Got my granola, berries, and banana, soaking in that almond milk.  Lovely.

IMG_0548Afterwards, I made a quick stop at Whole Foods especially for this baby.  I used to drink this a while ago, when I started increasing my yoga frequency.  It’s like my Tylenol.  My body was still stiff from that run on Monday so I thought sipping on this throughout the day would do more good than harm.  IMG_0549

IMG_0552This picture doesn’t do my lunch justice.  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I bought kale salad from Whole-Foods as well before work.  It’s my favorite one with avocado and lemon, and since it was morning it looked so fresh!  Next door by my job their is a Mom&Pop Italian deli.  It’s so cute.  Small, crowded, and owned by a really great family.  I think their food is always great.  They may be a little over priced at times, but if you do like me and stick with the veggies, you should be good 😉  Anyways, I got a wheat berry salad dressed in lemon, vinegar, with chopped peppers and onion, and then the artichoke marinated salad.  I put it altogether… Seriously an explosion in my mouth.  You can taste the different flavor in every dish.  So crazy.  So delicious.  With a mango kombucha on the side, I was a happy camper.


Even with all this delicious summer food, I’ve been craving the GOOD stuff.  My brother might have thought I was a bit loca, but more and more often, I want good Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American food.  Gimme the rice and beans, shrimp, plantains, yuca, shredded beef, and avocado.  I may not ever have a problem eating that

So why is that?  I was thinking that maybe I was not eating enough or not eating enough heavier foods, and then I look back at a couple of days ago and realize that’s not true.  Then I got to thinking what’s been going on in my life.  The truth is, I’m never really home.  I never really cook.  Can’t remember the last time, I spent a good day with my grandparents.  4th of July?  When I’m off, I find myself wanting to go out and see people since it is a rare occasion.  Maybe I miss it, the good ole’ home-cooking.  Maybe I miss being able to really find time to be in the kitchen.  Rice and beans is like the best vegan home cooked meal ever.  Trust me.

Or, maybe I’m just hungry.  Love the food.  Know what I want, and will have it when I can.  Regardless, you can always be ensured I will be snacking on fresh summer produce with no complaints.


Enjoy the day, lovelies!


PS.  On repeat.


Good morning loves!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Today is definitely feeling like a Monday for me, as my Friday night started on Saturday instead.  Oh boy, am I feeling it….


























The Shocker

Now, today is all about recovery.  Not so much from the food, but from that run!  I actually used my sneakers for some form of exercise.  After being a “runner” back in the day, a three year hiatus definitely makes a difference.  The three miles was fine, one day later and I could barely get out of bed!  My ankles to my upper back was so stiff.  I went for yoga for some heat, stretching, and sweat.  In hopes to detox and stretch out my muscles first.  Hopefully some good nutrients will do a body good today.  I’m in a bit of a rush, so I hope the pictures made up for lack of words 😉

Enjoy the day loves!




Make It Last

Good morning, my dears!

It’s Friday!!! I’m kinda pumped, don’t really understand why.  I’m not really doing anything exciting today, but I guess because my weekend starts tomorrow.  One day closer!  I actually plan on being out and about over the weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some good pictures for you guys (and myself 🙂

Since I planned on going out and eating out this weekend, I will not lie, I tried to eat extra good this week. (Was I really vegan for the week?? Say whaa?!)  Monday to Friday was, “let’s get right” week.  I planned on doing five days in a row of yoga, which I haven’t done in a while.  Definitely needed, not for the sweat, but for my mind as well.  My asana practice has improved this week more than any other week also, which I hope to keep up.  Anyway, I just wanted to make this healthy eats and movement last, before the weekend comes and everything else takes over (kind of).  Eating out, dranks, and good company.  Bring it on.


IMG_0431A close up of my favorite breakfast.  Granola, banana, blueberries, and almond milk.


IMG_0433Veggie burger, hummus, avocado, tomato, AND Suya “orange” juice.


Insert cherries

IMG_0435Green stuff

IMG_0436Don’t mind my really bad manicure.

IMG_0438The most fragrant nectarine.  Surprisingly not that sweet.

Alrighty.  Tis’ all for the week.  One more day and a half to go and I’m free!

Enjoy the weekend, loves!



Good morning loves!

This week is really going by for me.  I’m not complaining though.  Even with a crazy schedule, weekends are just as dear to me as a any other 9-5 mama.


IMG_0426Granola, blueberries, banana, and almond milk.  This breakfast is not getting old anytime soon.  It’s perfect for pre-yoga fueling.  Light but filling, so your not hungry or week during practice.  And it’s delicious.


IMG_0428I dined with the grandparents for lunch.  It’s cool, because like most older people, I love early dinners or big lunches.  Holllaaaa, lunchin’ like a true G (grandma).  We had salad and leftover veggies.  I had mine with a veggie burger and hummus on a sprouted bread.  Typical, but just as delicious.  Citrus kombucha on the side!

Dinner was sadly unpictured.  Cherries and ginger tea for me.  While I’m at work, it’s all about simplicity.


Heavy Talk

So, yesterday I was in yoga.  I am so happy to say that my studio has really taken a turn from being just a hot power asana flow yoga class, to now focusing on the base of yoga.  That would be the spiritual prana practice.  Taking different aspects of yoga, from the 8 limbs to the yamas.  We use pranayama (breath) to guide us through our practice.  From understanding our feelings and how that may affect our asana practice, even more importantly, our life.

While laying down focusing on our breath, she asked us to think of one word to described how we felt.  Then we said it out loud to her as she came around.  My first initial thought was anxious, since as of late, I’ve been having a hard time keeping my mind still.  My savasanas haven’t been very relaxing.  But as I was laying there at THAT moment, PRESENT time, I noticed I felt heavy.  My head and neck area in particular.  After three days of continuous practice, one would probably feel a bit more light, loose, or flexible, yet I felt as if I was lifting something other than my body every time I moved in class.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  About my own personal life, to my surroundings and people I let into my life.  I’ve been making decisions so scary and radical, I doubt whether they are right, or an even better explanation, feasible.  While in practice, I feel myself craving to be inverted.  From headstands to shoulder stands, I want to feel that rush going towards my head, because once I come out of it, I feel almost light.  Like all that stuff in my head was washed away, filled with new blood, fresh thought.

I may almost be rambling now, but this was simply to share, that just listening to my breath, I realized what I truly was feeling.  How life affects my practice.  How I learn or realize something from my mat and use to my advantage off the mat.  I’m not saying that the headstands have been any easier.  It’s the one move I’ve been fearful to do for a while…. The amount of times of fallen and scared I broke my back is scary in itself.  Been causin’ a raucous in class 😉  So I went from fearful, to knowing I can and needing it.  Kinda like life.  From fearful to making moves to starting new adventures and now needing to clear my head.  Savasana, I will conquer you.

Once again, if you made it this far, I commend you.  I got a little yogini on you.  It happens.  Not often, but it’s something different.  I think this could go for any physical activity one enjoys.  Running, weights, dancing, using your breath you notice more what’s going on with your body, to what’s going on in life.  Ok, I’m rambling now.  I’m done.

Enjoy the day lovies 🙂