Good morning ya’ll!

Is this week flying for you?  Maybe because I had off Sunday and Monday, mine feels a little shorter, but I’m not complaining.  Any closer to Friday and I’m a happy camper.

After an indulgent amount of eats over the weekend I wanted to keep the next few days a little cleaner.  You know, the usual.  Veggies, greens, whole grains, vegan goodness, and of course some yoga.


IMG_7842Banana Overnight Oats!  Made with coconut milk and chai seeds, twas delicious.  Oh, and topped with almond butta too!


IMG_7845Veggie sandwich with hummus, radishes, and sprouts on sprouted bread.  With some green juice. Surprisingly filling.  I honestly thought I would be starving before I would get home from work.  Totally fine all day!  Also had a couple small oranges on the side.


IMG_7848That would be cannelini beans in tomato sauce, polenta (brother cooked in butter… sadly delicious), and sauteed dandelions.  I couldn’t resist.  I may have prepped everyone for a starvation episode while on lunch, so dinner happen to be ready.  Not complaining.IMG_7849

This dinner was probably a little too much than what my body was used to handling.  Maybe it was the heaviness so late in the day?  Heating properties in the summer?  I got an allergic reaction with redness on my face.  Nothing a little water and time can’t fix.

Anyways, hopeful for another great day.  Feeling a little on the tired side this morning.  My debate on coffee or tea is strong right now….

Enjoy peeps!




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