3 Week Countdown

Good morning lovelies!


It’s Friday!!  I am excited.  Still even working my weekends away, I still can’t help but get that feeling of relief from an ending week.  Hopefully this weekend will be a little different as I may actually have plans!!!  And a day off!!

So I’ve been extremely busy, and to be a little honest, a little unsure.  As of Mondaym I officially took my last test for the online school I was attending, Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Words cannot express how much this certificate means to me.  I loved everything about the school.  From the lessons, support, and the community, I couldn’t ask for anything more.  My only wish would have been that I was a little more involved, maybe put myself out there more.  I guess I’ve been so used to distancing myself from other past experiences (college… well less just say at least I graduated) that I had a hard time fitting myself in there.



With that I was able to see others grow, businesses take off and flourish, and hear amazing stories from what others were doing for clients and their communities.  I have never been a part of such an inspiring group of people.  While they were doing that, I worked, looked for jobs, tried to save money, and procrastinated.  Don’t get me wrong, I am proud that I was dedicated to my school work, taught myself about new diets and lifestyles (Ayurveda), and started this blog.  This pushed me to figure out what I really want, what I really need.

So with that, I am aiming for a 3 week challenge.  It’s officially 3 weeks till summer (new summer goals!) and 3 weeks till my birthday.  Hopefully my last birthday home (I don’t care if I have to take a vacation next year!)   I want to be in a good solid place before I turn 24.  Eek!


This means:

  • Organization.  To have the materials needed and in place to start achieving my small and big goals.  Whether it is a new computer or a filing cabinet, anything is better than the mess in my drawer right now and busted computer.
  • A new routine.  While doing this program, sleeping patterns were off, and I generally did the same thing everyday.  Blog, school work, yoga, work, and eat.  Well now we are taking out school work and fitting in career life.  To do what I can to start my vision of helping others and upstarting something new.  Hopefully, the 3 weeks will hopefully get a clear vision.
  • My healthiest self.  I feel it’s important to start a new day with great intentions to be your best best self.  Being healthy starting with the mind and body of yourself is the only way you can ever help others.  So in these 3 weeks, I will try my hardest to eat right.  No crazy desserts, big portions, crazy eating patterns, and hopefully a mainly vegan diet.  It would be almost cleansing my body from any extra hormones and karma within animal products.  Like I said, try.  Also, a consistent yoga practice.  I’ve been doing good with that already, but I think a good diet will help me obtain consistency while I’m in class…


I think in the past few years I came a long way.  With health, food, life, and education.  Now that I have knowledge and “maturity” to go forward, I wan to put what I already know and still learning into something more.  Not just feeding my family and friends, but feeding others I didn’t know may have needed it as well.

This can be for 3 weeks, but I really hope it stays true for the rest of my life.

Till next time my dears,



photo (2)My biggest support group ever… mi familia



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