Coffee Date



Good morning everyone!

So today I decided we should chat.  Things I’m feeling, obsessing over, changes, and just life in general.  I feel as if I broke away for a bit, so I thought this would be a good way to say, “Oh my!  How are you?  What’s new?”


1.  Well, the farmer’s markets have officially begun to open, at least in my neck of the woods.  I was just too excited to go for the first time, that I actually went in the rain.  Rain or shine, people, I will be there!  I wish I could have taken pictures, but it was dreary and dead.  Just picture A LOT of greens.  I finally got to buy local dandelion, kale, and radishes.  Perfect produce for the spring.

2.  I finished a couple of books last week.  I always try to read one inspirational one and another informative one at once.  It gives for a great start in the morning and downtime during the day.  I just finished The Four Agreements and The 3 -Seasons Diet.  Both excellent and focus on how to use ancient teachings and ways of life in today’s modern world.  Now I think I’m going to focus on some fun reading.  Bought this one a while ago and have yet to pick it up.  Yes, cookbooks are fun to read.



3.  I’ve been on a kick of taking powerhouse detoxifying ingredients and mixing it with everyday yummy foods.  Sprouts and radishes combined with hummus, feta, and thick whole grain bread?Please and thank you.  Dandelions, kale, and pasta?  I’m winning my own heart.

IMG_7515Yogurt, raw ginger cereal, banana. #everydamnday

4.  I’ve become a little bit of a day dreamer.  I tell no lies.  I could be totally engaged in something and then out of nowhere I notice my mind has wandered and I’m staring creepily at the house across the street.  Maybe it’s the spring weather?  My desire to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather?  I’ve been working a lot, so I might be going in withdrawal from just being able to take walks in the sun.  Es la vida.

5.  But, I have been able to enjoy the night life a little more, or at least I’m trying to!  Since my weekdays are shot, my weekends I’m trying to leave time to hang out with people.   Cool people to be exact.  Summer nights anyone?



6.  That bread pudding from yesterday’s post.  I made another version the week after.  Twas delicious.  I’m calling it Monkey Mind Bread Pudding.  I got the idea from Chitta Vritti!  What we use in yoga, for mind chatter or the “monkey mind.”  I think that’s what’s been going on with my day dreaming episodes.  It now also reflects my cooking.  Filled with banana, raisins, coconut, and almond, I guess I couldn’t make up my mind.  Yummy.  Chitta Vritti, can’t be all bad 😉



Hope your enjoying your days lovelies!  Let’s have another date soon?




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