Banana Overnight Oats

Good morning everyone!!

It’s Friday!!  Doing anything good on the weekend?  Amazing? Just plain ol’ relaxing?  I got a mix of work and play.  The healthy balance of the two.  It’s been a little crazy trying to fit in what I need and want to do into this week, but it’s part of the adjustment period I guess.  Yesterday was a true test on trying to get every done.  Didn’t go as planned, but you live and you learn right?


IMG_7451Raw ginger cereal, almond milk, and banana.  Lovin’ raw breakfast thing!  It is perfect warmer mornings.


IMG_7455Avocado and bean spread sandwich on-the-go.  With a green kombucha and orange on the side.  Wish I had only taken more time to savor every bite.


IMG_7462Falafal salad with grilled veggies.  I was starving so it took a lot of will power not to order a sandwich.  This was pretty good though and did the trick!


IMG_7467Iced coffee with soy while taking a stroll.  I tried to enjoy the last part of my day outside for a little.  It kills me to have this beautiful weather and not enjoy it sometimes.  Perfect ending.

Recipe Time!!


I’ve been enjoying this other raw breakfast as of late as well.  It’s perfect when you need a filling quick breakfast.  Whether enjoying it in a bowl or out of jar already out, it’s a great make-ahead type meal. I actually posted pumpkin overnight oats last fall.  You can used the same ratios and just leave out the pumpkin and sub in the banana for this recipe.  I’m actually going to give you different ratios for this one.  It’s a bit of a smaller portion, but it does the trick just as well.  You can always spruce it up with whatever toppings as well!!  I love fresh berries in the summer!


Banana Overnight Oats

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 tbs chia seeds (or 1 tbs of flax)
  • dashes cinnoman
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2/3 cup almond milk
  • top with nuts or nut butter or fruit

Mix the dry ingredients together.  Add in the milk and mash half of the banana inside.  Set in the fridge overnight.  Enjoy 🙂


*I especially love mine with almond butter, and even more in a jar.

Have a great weekend loves!






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