Good morning my dears!

Can I start by saying that I am so awake?? I’m guessing that everyday my body needs something different.  One day I’m good with less than five hours of asleep , another day I need a good six hours plus a nap.  I think it’s the variability of my schedule?  Anyways, I am hoping that my energy levels make for a productive day.  The has been out for over an hour now, so the day has officially started!

Wednesday’s eats

Breakfast  *Unpictured yogurt and raw sprouted cereal.  Twas delicious.  With grapefruit on the side it was perfect pre-yoga fuel.

LunchIMG_7443Amazing.  I just put a bunch of veggies that needed to be cooked together and hoped for the best.  That’s how all the real chefs do it, no?  I roasted asparagus in the oven with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I sauteed some dandelion, mushrooms, and onions.  Took some cooked quinoa and heated up with my ayurvedic chili blend nuts.  With a fried egg on top, this meal was just what I needed to get me through the day.  Lots of proteins and greens.  That’s totally in now.

DinnerIMG_7450This bad boy.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more juices/drinks into my diet.  I love the benefits of the nutrients from the vegetables in the juices.  Sometimes you just can’t get it all in through cooking, you know?  Another drink I’ve been including is kombucha.  Full of healthy probiotics for digestion and skin, I’m so glad warm weather is here so I can enjoy it more!

Maybe it was all that superfood goodness that got me through the day alright?  Since what you eat the day before doesn’t affect you till the next, I think the energy almost passed on.  That’s my theory for the day.  Hopefully this makes for a productive and well balanced few days.  After the last few nights, I definitely need a little umph.

Enjoy the day!




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