Little India


Last Friday, my friend and I decided to take a little trip to place relatively local (the next town over).  Full of good food and friendly people, I honestly have to go there more often.  I’ve only heard good things about this street and can easily be called Little India.  A strip where people walk around in their sari’s, eating in local authentic restaurants, grocery shopping in their local Cash and Carry, and stores full of beautiful gold jewelry and amazingly detailed traditional Indian attire.  I was completely in awe of what I was missing out.


Looks like your typical Indian restaurant, but the food was anything but.  I know that there are all different types of Indian food, from different regions, honestly though, I don’t know the difference… yet!  We went to a lunch buffet since my friend isn’t as familiar with the food and wanted to try a little bit of everything.  A big lunch full of different food, how can I not?

IMG_6955Plate number 1.  Naan, noodles, corn salsa, veggie curry, and spinach pakoras.  Those noodles… oh man, ordering them forever more.

IMG_6959Plate number 2:  rice, chole (chickpea curry), palak paneer (farmers cheese with spinach), veggies and salad.  Why I love veggies.

IMG_6961Dessert was amazing.  Those little cheese balls that were soaked in some kind of syrup.  Oh-mah-gawd.  I’ve had this before, but never remembering it tasting so amazing.  As in I must get it every time.  The rice pudding was really good too, perfectly sweet and cooling after all the spicyness.

I thought the food was amazing, not too spicy or oily, which tends to happen alot with Indian.  On the other hand, my friend was a little more sensitive to the spicyness.  Nothing a little cooling yogurt couldn’t cure though.

Afterwards we walked around the streets and supermarkets.  It was a beautiful day so we made sure we didn’t miss a thing.  New adventures should never be rushed!





IMG_6970Made my day!









IMG_6992Saffron. Pistachio. Ice. Cream.

I could totally make this a weekly thing.  Can’t help it.  Love the food, culture, and ancient wisdom it has to offer.  One day, I plan to be part of the real deal.  Where the heat and smells of incense and curry fill the streets.  Until then, Little India, you will do just fine.

I have some recipes planned for you guys next week.  I hope you enjoyed this.  Trying to spice things up 😉

Enjoy your weekend loves!




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