Month: May 2013

3 Week Countdown

Good morning lovelies!


It’s Friday!!  I am excited.  Still even working my weekends away, I still can’t help but get that feeling of relief from an ending week.  Hopefully this weekend will be a little different as I may actually have plans!!!  And a day off!!

So I’ve been extremely busy, and to be a little honest, a little unsure.  As of Mondaym I officially took my last test for the online school I was attending, Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Words cannot express how much this certificate means to me.  I loved everything about the school.  From the lessons, support, and the community, I couldn’t ask for anything more.  My only wish would have been that I was a little more involved, maybe put myself out there more.  I guess I’ve been so used to distancing myself from other past experiences (college… well less just say at least I graduated) that I had a hard time fitting myself in there.



With that I was able to see others grow, businesses take off and flourish, and hear amazing stories from what others were doing for clients and their communities.  I have never been a part of such an inspiring group of people.  While they were doing that, I worked, looked for jobs, tried to save money, and procrastinated.  Don’t get me wrong, I am proud that I was dedicated to my school work, taught myself about new diets and lifestyles (Ayurveda), and started this blog.  This pushed me to figure out what I really want, what I really need.

So with that, I am aiming for a 3 week challenge.  It’s officially 3 weeks till summer (new summer goals!) and 3 weeks till my birthday.  Hopefully my last birthday home (I don’t care if I have to take a vacation next year!)   I want to be in a good solid place before I turn 24.  Eek!


This means:

  • Organization.  To have the materials needed and in place to start achieving my small and big goals.  Whether it is a new computer or a filing cabinet, anything is better than the mess in my drawer right now and busted computer.
  • A new routine.  While doing this program, sleeping patterns were off, and I generally did the same thing everyday.  Blog, school work, yoga, work, and eat.  Well now we are taking out school work and fitting in career life.  To do what I can to start my vision of helping others and upstarting something new.  Hopefully, the 3 weeks will hopefully get a clear vision.
  • My healthiest self.  I feel it’s important to start a new day with great intentions to be your best best self.  Being healthy starting with the mind and body of yourself is the only way you can ever help others.  So in these 3 weeks, I will try my hardest to eat right.  No crazy desserts, big portions, crazy eating patterns, and hopefully a mainly vegan diet.  It would be almost cleansing my body from any extra hormones and karma within animal products.  Like I said, try.  Also, a consistent yoga practice.  I’ve been doing good with that already, but I think a good diet will help me obtain consistency while I’m in class…


I think in the past few years I came a long way.  With health, food, life, and education.  Now that I have knowledge and “maturity” to go forward, I wan to put what I already know and still learning into something more.  Not just feeding my family and friends, but feeding others I didn’t know may have needed it as well.

This can be for 3 weeks, but I really hope it stays true for the rest of my life.

Till next time my dears,



photo (2)My biggest support group ever… mi familia


Coffee Date



Good morning everyone!

So today I decided we should chat.  Things I’m feeling, obsessing over, changes, and just life in general.  I feel as if I broke away for a bit, so I thought this would be a good way to say, “Oh my!  How are you?  What’s new?”


1.  Well, the farmer’s markets have officially begun to open, at least in my neck of the woods.  I was just too excited to go for the first time, that I actually went in the rain.  Rain or shine, people, I will be there!  I wish I could have taken pictures, but it was dreary and dead.  Just picture A LOT of greens.  I finally got to buy local dandelion, kale, and radishes.  Perfect produce for the spring.

2.  I finished a couple of books last week.  I always try to read one inspirational one and another informative one at once.  It gives for a great start in the morning and downtime during the day.  I just finished The Four Agreements and The 3 -Seasons Diet.  Both excellent and focus on how to use ancient teachings and ways of life in today’s modern world.  Now I think I’m going to focus on some fun reading.  Bought this one a while ago and have yet to pick it up.  Yes, cookbooks are fun to read.



3.  I’ve been on a kick of taking powerhouse detoxifying ingredients and mixing it with everyday yummy foods.  Sprouts and radishes combined with hummus, feta, and thick whole grain bread?Please and thank you.  Dandelions, kale, and pasta?  I’m winning my own heart.

IMG_7515Yogurt, raw ginger cereal, banana. #everydamnday

4.  I’ve become a little bit of a day dreamer.  I tell no lies.  I could be totally engaged in something and then out of nowhere I notice my mind has wandered and I’m staring creepily at the house across the street.  Maybe it’s the spring weather?  My desire to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather?  I’ve been working a lot, so I might be going in withdrawal from just being able to take walks in the sun.  Es la vida.

5.  But, I have been able to enjoy the night life a little more, or at least I’m trying to!  Since my weekdays are shot, my weekends I’m trying to leave time to hang out with people.   Cool people to be exact.  Summer nights anyone?



6.  That bread pudding from yesterday’s post.  I made another version the week after.  Twas delicious.  I’m calling it Monkey Mind Bread Pudding.  I got the idea from Chitta Vritti!  What we use in yoga, for mind chatter or the “monkey mind.”  I think that’s what’s been going on with my day dreaming episodes.  It now also reflects my cooking.  Filled with banana, raisins, coconut, and almond, I guess I couldn’t make up my mind.  Yummy.  Chitta Vritti, can’t be all bad 😉



Hope your enjoying your days lovelies!  Let’s have another date soon?



Old Fashioned Bread Pudding

I’m doing it again.


I take some time off and bribe you to keep reading with a recipe.  I can’t help it.  They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so does that pertain to all my foodies out there?  Maybe I’m just hoping everyone is as easy as me, or as hungry as me 😉

Sunday mornings have come to be my indulgent me time.  Sometimes, when there is lack of planning I’ll toast myself some waffles.  Yummy with jam, butta, and/or syrup, it’s an easy quick way to have something different and delicious.  Too bad I’m not here to talk about waffles though.  It’s about the bread pudding for this post.

Every Sunday or Monday when I do groceries for the week, I buy a fresh loaf of bread.  I’ve become very partial to some of the made-in-house bread from my local Whole Foods.  I can’t even remember the last time I had any other type of packaged or frozen bread.  Since I am the only one who takes advantage of that deliciousness, I can never by myself finish that bread, ever!  So, what does any girl young thrifty nothing-shall-go-to-waste girl do with old bread?  Make bread pudding!


I try to make it the day before to let soak in the fridge.  This allows for a moist and fluffy breakfast treat.  And then day of you just stick it in the oven right when you get up.  Ingredients are humble, the recipe is simple, and the result is anything but.  So easy.  So good.  Can I say necessary, too?

Old Fashioned Bread Pudding



  • 1/3 -1/2 loaf whole wheat bread
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup agave nectar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 handful raisins

In a mini-casserole dish, break apart the bread into about 1 inch cubes.  In a separate bowl, mix in all the ingredients excluding the raisins.  Pour the mixture into the pan, on top of the bread and squish the bread into mixture to ensure every part is wet.  Than sprinkle the raisins on top.  Gently pat down the surface.  Cover the dish and put in the fridge over night.  The next morning preheat oven to 350 and place the dish inside uncovered for about 50 min to 1 hour.  You want the crust crispy and the inside moist.


Enjoy with any thing!


Banana Overnight Oats

Good morning everyone!!

It’s Friday!!  Doing anything good on the weekend?  Amazing? Just plain ol’ relaxing?  I got a mix of work and play.  The healthy balance of the two.  It’s been a little crazy trying to fit in what I need and want to do into this week, but it’s part of the adjustment period I guess.  Yesterday was a true test on trying to get every done.  Didn’t go as planned, but you live and you learn right?


IMG_7451Raw ginger cereal, almond milk, and banana.  Lovin’ raw breakfast thing!  It is perfect warmer mornings.


IMG_7455Avocado and bean spread sandwich on-the-go.  With a green kombucha and orange on the side.  Wish I had only taken more time to savor every bite.


IMG_7462Falafal salad with grilled veggies.  I was starving so it took a lot of will power not to order a sandwich.  This was pretty good though and did the trick!


IMG_7467Iced coffee with soy while taking a stroll.  I tried to enjoy the last part of my day outside for a little.  It kills me to have this beautiful weather and not enjoy it sometimes.  Perfect ending.

Recipe Time!!


I’ve been enjoying this other raw breakfast as of late as well.  It’s perfect when you need a filling quick breakfast.  Whether enjoying it in a bowl or out of jar already out, it’s a great make-ahead type meal. I actually posted pumpkin overnight oats last fall.  You can used the same ratios and just leave out the pumpkin and sub in the banana for this recipe.  I’m actually going to give you different ratios for this one.  It’s a bit of a smaller portion, but it does the trick just as well.  You can always spruce it up with whatever toppings as well!!  I love fresh berries in the summer!


Banana Overnight Oats

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 tbs chia seeds (or 1 tbs of flax)
  • dashes cinnoman
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2/3 cup almond milk
  • top with nuts or nut butter or fruit

Mix the dry ingredients together.  Add in the milk and mash half of the banana inside.  Set in the fridge overnight.  Enjoy 🙂


*I especially love mine with almond butter, and even more in a jar.

Have a great weekend loves!






Good morning my dears!

Can I start by saying that I am so awake?? I’m guessing that everyday my body needs something different.  One day I’m good with less than five hours of asleep , another day I need a good six hours plus a nap.  I think it’s the variability of my schedule?  Anyways, I am hoping that my energy levels make for a productive day.  The has been out for over an hour now, so the day has officially started!

Wednesday’s eats

Breakfast  *Unpictured yogurt and raw sprouted cereal.  Twas delicious.  With grapefruit on the side it was perfect pre-yoga fuel.

LunchIMG_7443Amazing.  I just put a bunch of veggies that needed to be cooked together and hoped for the best.  That’s how all the real chefs do it, no?  I roasted asparagus in the oven with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I sauteed some dandelion, mushrooms, and onions.  Took some cooked quinoa and heated up with my ayurvedic chili blend nuts.  With a fried egg on top, this meal was just what I needed to get me through the day.  Lots of proteins and greens.  That’s totally in now.

DinnerIMG_7450This bad boy.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more juices/drinks into my diet.  I love the benefits of the nutrients from the vegetables in the juices.  Sometimes you just can’t get it all in through cooking, you know?  Another drink I’ve been including is kombucha.  Full of healthy probiotics for digestion and skin, I’m so glad warm weather is here so I can enjoy it more!

Maybe it was all that superfood goodness that got me through the day alright?  Since what you eat the day before doesn’t affect you till the next, I think the energy almost passed on.  That’s my theory for the day.  Hopefully this makes for a productive and well balanced few days.  After the last few nights, I definitely need a little umph.

Enjoy the day!



Like I Started

Good Morning!!

It is bright and early today so I thought I have time to do a recap on my eats the last 2 days.  I’ve been trying to stay on track with food and school work, and it’s what I’m going to continue to do through out the week.  Today I woke up really tired though.  As in I got up and turned the stove on to heat up water… five minutes later I am back in bed for another hour.  Let’s not even talk about how many times I hit the snooze button before that.  I’m just proud I got to listen to my body for that one.  Anyways….


Breakfast:  grapefruit

Lunch:IMG_7416Mesclun and arugula.  Sauteed veggies, chickpeas, quinoa pattie, and spicy eggplant.  Just another 1.5 pound salad from Whole Foods.  Kombucha on the side.

Dinner:  Beet juice.

*Obsviously I had a lot to eat the day before until late too.  This is me focusing on giving my digestion system a little rest, and focusing on optimizing my energy levels with the main meal at noon.  Worked out pretty well.


Breakfast:IMG_7423Banana Overnight Oats (recipe coming soon!)  Loved dining out al fresco!

Lunch: Appetizer of bread and bean spreadIMG_7431Sauteed dandelions and mushrooms, fried egg, feta cheese, and honey wheat toast.  Finished off with a drizzle of balsamic 🙂

Dessert:IMG_7438Monkey Mind Bread Pudding:  banana, almonds, raisins, and coconut.  Must share with you!

Dinner:IMG_7440Fried Plantains, courtesy of grandma’s kitchen.  These were sweet and salty at once.  Amazing.

*Lots of ginger tea.  I ate a little more than I needed for lunch, so I made sure to give myself ample time to digest.

This is just a what-I-ate, series.  Kind of how I used to blog most of the time.  I really hope to keep this up, with some recipes, information, and ramblings all at once.  Nothing I love more than sharing about EVERYDAY food and health.

Enjoy lovelies,