Date Night


Good morning loves!

Hope you had an amazing weekend!  Mine was mostly spent with good friends, loved ones, and amazing food.  So much so, that I had no clue where to begin.  So, since everything I do makes sense,  I thought we start backwards.  It’s Monday, let’s keep it exciting shall we?


BreakfastIMG_7132Keeping true to my waffle Sunday tradition.  Butta and syrup with some banana 🙂


IMG_7169Bloody Mary.  Obviously, I only remember a picture of the best part of the meal.

It was my cousins baptism, so there was a lunch after Church.  Pretty good time.  I don’t get to see them often, so when we do it tends to be short, but sweet.

*insert*  lots of bread, shrimp scamp, and cake.  I left hungry though.  (Bottomless pit).

Date night

I decided to stay in and enjoy a good dinner by myself.  I was hungry and since I never have time to make a “typical” meal for dinner, I decided to make it a bit more special.  Plus, I needed to clean out the fridge.

IMG_7177Some specialty brew and appetizer of whole grain bread and gigande bean spread while prepping. A good start, no?

IMG_7191Sauteed kale and tomatoes in garlic.  Toast topped with a fried egg and some goat cheese.  Simple and delicious.  This has literally become one of my favorite meals.  So easy and so flavorful.  Of course accompanied by a good drink.

IMG_7204I was going to go out to get dessert, but then I thought, “You have the whole kitchen by yourself, and a pint of ice cream already in the freezer, let get back to your roots.”

IMG_7198Vegan brownies it was.  Topped with coconut milk ice-cream and a good disney movie.  I was a pretty happy  camper.  I got the recipe from Alicia Silverstones, Kind book.  It was good, but not going to lie, I’ve made better.

So date night was a success.  Home to yourself.  Cooking for one.  Baking for seven and getting to eat for three.  No compromise on what to see.  And you get to be in your pj’s at 6pm.   Definitely needed after the last few days.  I was pretty proud of myself from this weekend.  I was able to be with family and friends.  Go out and go with the flow with whatever came up.  The weather was beautiful too, so it gave me the excuse to be out, get dressed, and love every minute of it.  Oh, and eat everything.

IMG_7142After heels like those, pj’s seem like the only right thing to do.

Till next time,







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