Keepin’ It Cool

Good Morning!

Hope you all have a fabulous day planned!  Or maybe your just doing the same ol’ routine, as I am.  You know what’s making it ten times better though?  This weather!  It feels amazing not being frozen to pieces every time you walked outside.  The sun is coming out really early now, like before 6am, like before my eyes are really open.  Must embrace it!

With the warming weather, I thought I try a some different meals.  Twas tasty and filling!

BreakfastIMG_6900Raw ginger cereal with almond milk and banana.  I can get used to eating this in the summer.   I ate it before yoga and worked out great.  Did not feel heavy at all while doing my practice.

LunchIMG_6904Tuna!!! I’ve been actually starting to crave a good tuna sandwich and it comes back whenever it’s really nice out.  I mixed mine with feta cheese and topped it over flax quinoa bread that I spread with giganda bean puree.  So amazing!  I also did a different kind of salad of sprouts tomatoes and sliced carrots.  The only not so pleasant part was this actually sat in my stomach foreverrr.  Not really in a full way, but bloated way.  I want to say it was maybe the carrots?  I have not had raw carrots in a really long time, so my stomach has to get used  to it?  Well I know it’s not the bread or sprouts since I have that on regular basis, which is a relief, because I’m not about to give that up 😉

Snacks were unpictured.  Just an orange and grapefruit.  Ohhh, and a Kombucha!  Ginger to be exact.  When I think about it it, could have been the bubbles from that messing with my stomach.


Well, with this warm weather, I am absolutely ecstatic about adding some juices, kombucha, and raw foods, and sandwiches to my diet.  I am trying to insert some more cooling foods, but without cooling down my system just yet.  Make sense?  I’m trying to make sense of it too, so we’ll watch this unfold together!

Enjoy your day people!






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