Breaking The “Rules”

Good morning!!!

Hope you all had a productive beginning of the week.  If not that, then just a good one in general.  I’ve been keeping pretty busy and my from food to timing have been a little wacky.  Hopefully today and the next few days will be a little better.


Twas my usual routine of blogging, yoga, school, then work.  I tried to focus on keeping grounded and giving my body a chance to regroup from the weekend.  For that I woke up later, ate less, and ate a little healthier.  Even my yoga practice was a bit restorative.

BreakfastIMG_6878Grapefruit and green juice.  Much needed.

LunchIMG_6881IMG_6882Bad-Ass salad minus the quinoa

SnacksIMG_6887IMG_6888Ginger and orange.


Went a little different for me.  I got home a little late from work last night, but I knew if I didn’t go to yoga early… I would never go.  So with an early start, twas time for yoga and then get ready for work, an actual day shift.  Shocker!

BreakfastIMG_6890Peanut butter and fig sandwich on flax quinoa bread.

1.  Ate in the car.  Still really good….  Probably would have enjoyed it better open-faced, pretty, and eating while sitting at the kitchen table.  Doing 2 things at once, especially one that involves hands and more concentration isn’t the best thing for most people.   Food digest better and is more appreciative when it’s just you and your meal.

LunchIMG_6891Another bad-ass salad sin quinoa

2.  Eating in a rush.  I was starving around 12pm yesterday, only to find out my break wasn’t until 2! Perfect.  So instead, I took a 15 and ate my salad in probably 12 minutes.  Now, I am a fast eater, so I know that would not have been a problem, but lately I have been pacing myself.  Chewing and appreciating my meals.  Once again, food digest more easily since the saliva helps break down the food.  Also, the slower you eat, the chances are greater you will feel satisfied faster and longer.

DinnerIMG_6896Rice and beans, friend egg, peppers and mushrooms.

3.  Big dinner.    I knew I didn’t want to make lunch my main meal, mainly because I didn’t have time to think about it.  I could get myself home early enough to make myself something hot.  Usually I would prefer to do this for lunch, as that usually always is my biggest meal.  It wasn’t so bad though, as I stuck to 1 plate and was able to have a couple cups of tea to ease the digestion.

So, I’m alive and good.  These were mostly taken from a lifestyle of Ayurveda, or any healthy lifestyle really.  Eating slow and at peace, and not eating late.  If this was a consistent schedule, obviously I would need to adjust.  It took a while for me to get used working afternoons, so as always is just a matter of time and figuring out what works for you.  Did I feel bad-ass breaking my rules?  Not so much.  I kind of break the “traditional ways” of society on a daily basis 😉

How have you been a bad-ass lately?

Enjoy your day lovelies!



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