Simple Pleasures

This Weekend’s Simple Pleasures.



1.  A lunch feast to kick off a weekend with my main foodie partner (aka: my bro).  Pizza, soup, and salad, and… avocado fries?  Sure, why not?

2.  Mani and pedis.  All of a sudden you feel like a girl again.

3.  Baking lemon bars at 10pm with your bestie.  Eaten warm with a super tart face.  Awesome.



4.  A free yoga class.  Now, I still got $20 in my pocket.  I’m about to pop some tags?



5.  Vegan fast food!  Pita with hummus, artichoke,  sun-dried tomatoes, onions, and fried falafals.  Yes, please.

6.  Cleaning your room.  Never thought I would ever say that, but tis true.  Feels pretty good having your own decluttered probably-be-messy-in-a-week space.



7.  The only “home-made” meal I had all weekend.  Leftover pad thai, daddy-grilled salmon, and sauteed peppers.  Oh yea, just some chocolate stout on the side.  BAMF.

8.  Being able to go out to Sunday brunch (Panera)  with all your co-workers and NOT talk about work.



9.  Bread and butter? Eh.  Bread and roasted garlic?  F*** yea!!!



10.  Reading.  Finally got to finish this book!  Amazing.  Now to remember it.  Share it.  Live it.



Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Enjoy your Monday 🙂



P.S.  If you ever need a pick-me up or a really good karaoke session, I recommend this song.  Beautiful and catchy.






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