Easy Eats

Good Morning!!

Congratulations! You made it to Friday!  To say I’m a little relieved is somewhat of an understatement.  I may be feeling more towards omg-i’m-finally-off-now-i-can-do-everything.  Hah. I have big goals for this weekend.  As in, a deep spring cleaning within my room, packing up, and moving back to my old crib (my bedroom).  We shall see how that goes, but for today I’m gonna enjoy.

My last couple of eats have been pretty good.  Simple.  Easy.  Lazy.  I’m-too-busy-to-bother kinds of meals.


MondayIMG_6746Banana whipped oats with coconut and almond butta

TuesdayIMG_6772Banana whipped oats topped with raw cereal and peanut butta


MondayIMG_6748My Bad-Ass Salad

TuesdayIMG_6782Warm Salad?  Sauteed onion, garlic, kale, and quinoa.  Topped with bean spread and feta.


MondayIMG_6766Pretty good.

TuesdayIMG_6787Pretty sad.

So through out this week, I tried to have more healthy meals, and keep it semi-interesting.  I actually wanted to keep vegan for the week, but yesterdays warm quinoa salad was begging for some crumbled cheese.  So happy it happened.

The only thing I usually can’t get enough of is breakfast.  I think when I don’t have to wear a blanket while I eat is when I will officially say goodbye to hot oatmeal. * Tear 😦

Next week, I’ll most likely be having a little more time on my hands, so maybe I can spare a recipe?  Bake?  We’ll see.  I want to try to get back into my kitchen roots.

IMG_6791One more time 😉

Enjoy the weekend lovies!



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