How To Make a Bad-Ass Salad

Good morning everyone!

I hope you guys had a good day yesterday. Mine was pretty good and productive, and I noticed that totally helped make this week go by.  By keeping up with work, yoga, and my job, I can’t believe – wait, yes I can, that it’s Thursday.  It was actually so hard for me to wake up, I think I’m actually pushing my body to limits once more, but I’m determined to get done what’s needed.  You know, just do it. Technically today is like my Friday 😉

Here’s what I’ve been loving lately.  I try to make it a few times a week.  When I don’t, I miss it.  It’s delicious.  Makes you feel good.  It is a light way to fill you up.  It’s almost a how-to on a recipe, soooo, I hope you enjoy!

A Bad Ass Salad


A Bad-Ass Salad must contain:

  • Good hearty greens/vegetables
  • Protein
  • Good fats
  • Spices
  • Dressing
  • Yumminess

My salad I’ve been hooked on lately has been a “Detox” Bad-Ass Salad.  Similar to this one, but I added some oomph, nutrition facts, and options for a better, healthier, more filling, bad-ass salad.


“Detox” Bad-Ass Salad 

  • Kale – an anti-inflammatory food, full of antioxidants, vitamin A and C, more calcium than milk, and full of fiber and sulfur which is great for detox.  
  • Sprouts – phytoestrogens and isoflavanoids which are known to be anticancer properties.  Depending on the sprout, may have different vitamin and protein content
  • Quinoa – a complete protien, full of fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, and is gluten-free.  If you buy this fair trade and organic, you are not only helping yourselves, but other small communities.
  • Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds with an Organic Ayurveda Chili Blend – healthy fats, fiber, essential amino acids, protein, and magnesium.  The spices are great for taste, digestion, and mineral content.
  • Avocado – highest amount of protein in any fruit!  Also is part of the healthy(unsaturated) fat family and is full of fiber.  Love.
  • Cilantro – rich in antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  A good detoxify-er for it stimulates digestion.
  • Olive oil, apple-cider vinegar, and lemon – Healthy fats, detoxifying properties, clearer skin, and help with digestion.
  • Himalayan sea salt – an unprocessed raw salt to taste.


So there you have it.  The power-house of all salads.  Now you can make it using different greens such as chard, different sprouts, carrots, seasonal raw veggies, beans, and hummus.  You can also give your dressing a sweet kick with some raw honey.  You can add superfoods such as goji-berries or cacao nibs to chia seeds or hemp seeds.  Seriously, salads are easy and endless.  And to make a filling and tasty is not hard at all.  I absolutely love good salads with the warmer weather, and between my oatmeal and salads, I love to show how it can be done right!  Maybe one day I’ll have a more indulgent salad for all you deserving foodies 😉

Enjoy your day beauties!




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