How Can You Make It More Enjoyable?

Good morning everyone!

I hope you guys are had a good start to your week.  Mine has been pretty good.  I’ve been on track when it comes to balancing work, school, and other healthy habits which is good.  I haven’t been stressing and been trying to easy heart with what comes my way.


Breakfast: After waking up a bit later, I had a light breakfast as pre-yoga sustenance.

IMG_6709Half a sprouted muffin, almond butta, and banana.  Green tea.

Lunch:  After yoga, I came home to get ready and start my school work.  As I got ready, I had a mango.  As I worked, I ate lunch.

IMG_6713Massaged kale with olive oil.  Sprouts, quinoa, gigande bean spread (from Whole Foods), avocado, and lemon.  Pretty delicious.

Dessert: Because I had time.

IMG_6717The other half of the muffin.  Sunflower seed butter and fig butter.  Black tea with crystallized ginger and raw honey.  Great combination.

Snack:  I ended up kind of rushing to get to work.  So I wasn’t prepared with anything spectacular (read – I was hungry at 11pm)

IMG_6720Juicy Grapefruit


Talk intermission:  I took the early morning yoga class yesterday.  I was having my doubts after getting out late and hungry the night before, but I just sucked it up and went to bed.  I was able to wake up and enjoy a little quiet time.  I thought yoga would be hard and I would be sleepy, with a little dedication to others and positive energy through out the room, it seemed almost effortless.  Yes I stumbled and struggled with my breath some of the time.  But the fact that I did it for others, made it easier. Difficult times and tasks requires you to push forward and experience a better side.  Being able to do my practice while the skies turned from dark to light, in a room full of loving dedicated people, it was just that.

Breakfast:  I wasn’t in the mood for anything complicated.  Actually, I was in the mood for cereal. I’ve been waiting to make my own nut-milk though, but since that never really happens, I kind of just took what I could get.

IMG_6727This cereal is delicious by the way.  Trying to eat a little more raw and a little more super.  And it taste great!


IMG_6722Cereal, almond milk, and banana.  Haven’t had this in a while, but that’s definitely going to change.

Lunch: I was able to do my school work and catch up with stuff straight through.  With little time to make lunch, I had some leftovers.  Now, usually I wouldn’t be having something like this if it was just me.  My grandparents are away for a little bit, and she made this yesterday.  I know she makes things in hopes that I would eat it if I can, so this one is for her.  Simple, delicious, and made with love.  I know she would be happy seeing me eat this.

IMG_6732White rice, red beans, veggie pasteles, and avocado.  Not so pretty, but pretty damn good.

Dinner: Snacking at work.


IMG_6737Trying something new.I figured I didn’t really eat my greens for lunch.  Easy way to get something right?  Wasn’t too bad.  Not something I would eat every day, but for on the go extra nutrients, it was pretty good.  It’s raw, organic, and gluten-free too!

In between meals and before bed I also try and have some ginger tea.  Ginger and a little warmth do the digestion good.  Enjoy your mid-week peeps!

With love,



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