Ayurveda In The Spring

Good Morning everyone!

I don’t know if you noticed, but, it’s Friday!  I am particularly excited for today because this is my only day off till next Friday.  Wish me luck!  I hope you guys can do something spectacular for me instead!

Remember that little break from my routine I was taking?  Well, I extended it until yesterday.  The last couple of days, I took the time out to sleep in (7am), clean, spend time with my grandparents, and do school work.  I hadn’t been focusing on my diet, exercise and the only form of yoga I kept up with was meditation.  I felt good, and I most of it was needed, but I can’t honestly say I feel any better.   I actually think it felt somewhat weird    I love yoga and my asana practice.  I love healthy eating.  I love being able to wake up at before the sun and enjoying my early breakfast.  I left some of these behind and my body and mind definitely feel the difference.

With that, I’m ready to jump back in.  And this time, with Ayurveda.  I kind of fell off the train a little, but I’m thinking I’m ready to make a come back.  I did a particular list in the fall about how I will dive into an Ayurveda lifestyle in the fall.  This time it’s spring.  A transitioning month, which usually involves more effort, but I’m ready for the challenge once more.  I’m ready to feel light (not bloated) and positive.

Ayurveda In The Spring

  • Waking up before sunrise.  Between 5am and 6am is key.  The energy accumulated before sunrise is key to be in sync with nature.  Rise and fall with the sun.
  • Movement and Heat in the A.M.  This allows you to start your day with heat and energy during the somewhat chilly or damp days of spring.  Strong breath exercises also creates heat in the body as the movement and sweat will detoxify your body.
  • Eating a light cleansing diet.  Warm meals are still good, since mornings and nights are chilling.  I will be incorporating more raw foods though, such as salads and maybe fruit in the morning.  Eating more bitter foods such as tumeric, dandelion, and milk thistle are great for detoxification and strengthen the digestive system.  Spicy, such as ginger, also helps release any congestion and mucus forming in the system.
  • Ideally it’s best to cut back on dairy, bread, sweets, and fried food.  These foods increase congestion and mucus, so the damp weather in spring doesn’t balance well with these products.  Also, you want to reduce heavy meat consumption and stick to lighter proteins, such as eggs and beans.
  • Liquids!  Preferably room temperature or warm liquids.  This eases the stomach digestion, by letting the liquids flow right through, rather then your stomach restricting itself upon colder liquids.  Spicy up your warm water with ginger and cayenne for better digestion.  Add raw honey to reduce congestion.
  • As always, water with lemon.

These are pretty much some basic tips to follow for the spring.  It focuses on when to wake up and go to bed, exercise, what to eat and what to avoid, and keeping hydrated.  Pretty simple.  It may varie for different body types and doshas.  One this is for sure is that spring is the season for Kapha, which is a more slow, damp, sticky feel.  We must focus on keeping our energy high and our digestion moving.  Congestion, mucus, and a more sluggish feel is what may happen when we are out of balance.

Of course, some of this may not come easy.  For me, early rise and cutting out dairy and sugar will be my biggest hurtles.  I’ve been working late nights more often, so it might get hard trying to work out good sleep.  And lately, I’ve been really diggin’ dairy.  Only because it feels so right!  Dairy is a cooling food, so when the weather warms we crave ice cream and yogurts!  I’ve been getting back into incorporating dairy in my diet regularly, so I guess a little sparingly can’t hurt.

I hope this helps!  Even though we are increasing our energy and movement for the upcoming warm weather, there is no need to over-exert yourself.  It’s best to focus on letting go as we are letting go of toxins and transitioning to a season of rebirth.  Enjoy feeling more alive and like most, in good spirit!  Get outside!  Enjoy the sun!  Don’t take a way the fun mother-nature has to offer 🙂








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