Jam or Syrup??

Good morning!!!

Happy Friday!  It’s here!  What we all (or I) have been waiting for!  So since it’s Friday, and I am particularly very awake and in a good mood, I was thinking we go out for breakfast.  Just to chat.  See what’s new and good.  Talk about my obsessions of late.  I could think of no better way than over breakfast 🙂


1.  I’m just gonna recap one meal yesterday.  It’s one that I fallin’ for as of late.  Perfect for brunch.  Perfect for dinner.  Not breakfast, only because I’m still in that I-want-only-sweet-yumminess-when-I-wake-up phase.  But these eggs? Oh these eggs… are quickly winning over my heart.

2.  I think my love for photographing all my meals, is quickly turning into a photography session.  Lot’s a pictures.  All angles.  Just to see which pleases you 🙂  I think for a post about a recipe it’s great, because who doesn’t want to see 10 (I try to only spam you with 3) different pictures of an amazingly beautiful dish.  Who knows, maybe a recipe blog next?  A girl can dream…


3.  I don’t know if you guys are into recipe and cooking blogs, but my love for healthy living blogs back in the day, has shifted to recipe blogs.  I love the beauty of the food.  So captivating, you only just notice at the end how much you were salivating.  Check this cake out.  Coming from one of my favorite blogs.  Ever.

4.  So I took a break from reading this week.  I just finished this book, Prakriti.  Very good book.  Very difficult to understand.  It’s a book about Ayurveda.  It talked about the basics, to difficult healing practices and herbs.  Only towards the end.  Like as in, it got very science-y and philosophical .. at once.  So cray.  I can’t really do a book review about it, because I kind of need to read it again.  Just to get a full grasp on it.  Seriously great.  Seriously a thinker.


5.  Bright lips.  Totally acceptable now right?  I’m not ready for the hot pink just yet, but I think orange is a great spring alternative.  I love lipstick.  It’s easier than dealing with eye make-up and totally a popper.  Red, pink, purple, and orange.  Bring it on.  I think I was to be that girl that wears lipstick every damn day.  Like my signature thing?  We’ll see how long that lasts.

6.  I’ve been craving Indian.  Like forreal.  Like as in the buffet lunch.  So I can eat my heart out in this.  Kthanks.  If not, I might have to take matters into my own hands.

7.  I was going to make this into a coffee date.  But 1) Who has a coffee date in the morning?  People go out for coffee in the mid-day right?  Like grown-ups, and cool latte drinkers.  2)  I had this spectacular cup of spanish coffee yesterday, around 2pm.  I think it’s the miracle worker that had me up till 11:30pm last night.  Bad. Ass.  Filled with cream and sugar.  I thought I would save another cup of that for later.  I’ll probably be out late tonight, and I refuse to be the tired loser at the bar!!!


8.  Totally in love with this fig butter.  It’s pretty delicious.  Trader Joe’s yo!  I don’t see it lasting as long as the apple cranberry I had.  That lasted for.ever. (like 5 months!)


9.  In case your wondering.  I decided to have the fig butter and sunflower seed butter with my waffles.  I didn’t think dousing my breakfast with butter and syrup before yoga was the best idea.  Didn’t want to get hyped on coffee, so might as well keep the sugar consumption down too… till my real coffee date this after noon 😉  What did you have for breakfast???


Enjoy your weekend lovelies!



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