Simply Amazing

Good Morning!!!

It’s earlyyyy today and boy am I trying to adjust.  The sun is peaking out earlier, so 6am wake-up calls are cutting it close!  How are you guys doing with the spring adjustments?  I know the weather has been crazy here and that just makes me wish everyday that it’s summer.  Can we just get spring over with???

Anyways, yesterday was pretty low-key, simple I should say. Yummy eats and good lovin’.


IMG_6308Breakfast Blend. Bread. Butter. Butter.

I finished off the multi-grain baquette from Whole Foods that I bought on Sunday.  Still was just as delicious.  Toasted and then spread with sunflower seed butter and fig butter while still warm.  OMG.  Amazing.


IMG_6320Mid-week Salad.

Massaged Kale with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, cilantro, quinoa, spiced sunflower and pumpkin seeds, avocado, and roasted red pepper hummus.  It was kinda bad-ass.  Quickly thrown together and filling with superfood ingredients.  Absolutely amazing.


IMG_6323I made it a point to enjoy my “dessert” sitting down with no interruptions before work.  Ginger tea with local raw honey and apple with cinnamon   I forgot how good this combo was.  So used to eating apples on the go, I remember when I took the time to cook them.


IMG_6325Paired with Starbucks Vanilla Roobios.  Amazing.

A Simple Yoga Class.

People tend to think that yoga is a very laid-back, easy, good for stretching activity.  I usually see it as anything but.  Between focus, breath, posture, and crazy acrobatic poses, you can get a lot more out of a class, just as you were doing weights or treadmill.  Well, yesterday I took the simple route of yoga.  That is what I love about it.  Yoga is your very own and should never feel bad about what you cannot do.  It’s your practice!

 Because of my back, I took it very easy again.  As in, I modified. Every. Pose.  While everyone was flying, doing inversions, and doing 100 crunches, let’s just say I was probably smiling a little more than them. Hehehe.  Before we started class, the teacher reminded us all to be just be thankful we are able to be here today.  To have the legs to get us to do yoga.  Needless to say, my mantra came to me pretty easily.  A simply amazing restorative practice.



ps.  I did a whopping 20 crunches.  I felt it 🙂



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