Tid Bits of a Smile

Good morning ya’ll!!

Happy Hump Day!  The last couple of day’s have been alright if I do say so myself.  Just been keeping busy, and hoping for Friday to come a little sooner.


IMG_6262Banana whipped oats with dates and almond butta.  I forgot the cinnamon while cooking so I kinda splashed it on when done.  I guess it worked (read: not as good)

Afterwards I went to yoga.  As I was sitting down…. my back began to hurt.  Class didn’t even start!!!  I took it easy during class with only 1 Chaturunga, restorative poses, and blocks.  I never really injured myself, but the couple of times I have, I learn to just modify.  You know the difference between good and bad pain when you practice, so you learn when to just back off.  The stretching was ok, and basically I just sweated bullets from that and the heat alone.

Afterwards, I got ready to do some groceries.  Twas spectacular because 1. I love Whole Foods 2.I had this amazingggg salad: IMG_6272Kale, quinoa pattie, all kinds of sauteed veggies, cabbage and raisins, and falafals.  Umm, soo maybe, kind of , sort of, that was 2 pounds worth in there.  Trust me, when she rung it, my eyes bulged out a slight millimeter.  Don’t worry though, I happily ate it all and was full ever after.

Tid bit:  Before work, I went to get gas around the corner from my house.  I like going there because the guy is really nice and it’s just him and his wife running the joint.  They actually live on my street.  Well, with just a smile and a few kind words he always leaves me smiling and coming back.  It’s great to see he can be so kind, whether it’s freezing outside or not.  Makes my day.


IMG_6277Fresh bread, peanut butter, banana, and raisins.  Just a delicious quickie before work.

IMG_6279A seriously delicious salad.  Kale, spiced sunflower seeds, hummus, quinoa, avocado, and cilantro.  Dressing was safflower oil and apple cider vinegar.  Serious Yum.

Tid bit:  Work was slow and boring.  I actually didn’t mind though, I could use a break from the hustle and bustle of a night shift.  Well, during the day there is usually the same guy delivering packages.  He is a trip.  Always in a good mood, nice, funny, and makes it a point to get us smiling. To be honest, I looked and felt like poo while at work, but how easily we forget what’s bothering us when any person is making funny smart-ass  remarks to your manager.

I decided not to go to yoga, and just pick up a couple of things from Trader Joe’s I forgot and get some school work done.  Not a bad idea since I got to come home to this yummyness:

IMG_6289Yellow rice, garbanzos, and veggie pasteles.  Hollaaa.  Maybe was a little over ambitious on my portion again.  Don’t worry, I wiped my plate clean with room to spare.

IMG_6292Leftover rhubarb pie and ice-cream.  Yum.

Here’s to the rest of the week going by, or at least today.  I’ll try to enjoy and smile through.  Ain’t nothing some yoga and good food can’t help out 😉

Have a great day!





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