Book Review: Quiet

For the season of Lent, I said I would practice speaking up and going after what I want, and read this book in the process.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it at the time, but some how it worked out.

Let’s talk about this book first.  Phenomenal.  I’m no expert at giving a book review, but I know when I’m interested in something, and this book had me opening my eyes a little wider as I read.  It is basically a bunch of stories, mostly of introverts, but some extroverts included for comparison.  It is about how the more quiet people related to others, overcame different obstacles, and succeeded to do what they wanted and worked towards a life that was fit for them.  There is explanations of tests and analyses done to people starting from infancy to adulthood.  Following them as they grew up.  Amazing findings and explanations.

I found this book interesting, maybe because it was easier for me to relate to most.  It helped me learn that it is okay not to want to go out and try mingle with new people every chance I get.  That wanting to stay home and read or watch a movie is just as enticing for me.  It doesn’t mean I’m anti-social or not willing to socialize with the rest of the world.  Parties?  That’s just draining.  Intimacy is what I love.  Small talk?  Hate it. Real conversations of life and beliefs?  That makes my day.

I also learned how sometimes you have to make those extroverted moves or put on that extroverted persona.  Did you know that America is the most extroverted country in the world?  Perfect.  Leaders in America or so different than the ones in other countries.  They aren’t afraid to talk without thinking, be loud, and be heard.  Sometimes if you don’t do that you are seen as not as knowledgeable, ready, or passionate enough about what you do.  I extremely dislike that.

As somebody who is quiet and thinks a lot more than actually speaking, sometimes I feel people don’t think I know as much as I know I do.  My family of course sees it, for I can give a whole presentation on GMOs, subsidies from the government, and global warming from factory farms.  It’s not all about oatmeal and yoga, sometimes I do wish though.  I would love to be able to share this with the world.  Be part of a revolution and really help a nation that is in a crisis.

Well, I am happy to report, small steps have been taken and big dreams are in the making! I’ve been trying to go out once or twice a week.  Nothing crazy, just really catching up with my friends.  Whether old or new, I found that just hanging out one-on-one is all I really need.  It’s my little something so there is no “guilt”.  I’ts also great because I can now openly talk more about what I’m doing and my interests.  Guess who might start having a couple new clients?! Yay!

I also have been putting myself and knowledge out.  I recently started talking about GMO’s and factory farming at work.  Turns out most of them are very interested and want to learn more about it.  Whether they are interested in human rights, from sweat shops to organics, we are able to see how it’s all connected.  It’s truly beautiful.   I am proud to say that is my dream to just go to California and it’s crazy how supportive people are.

This book truly was on point about what may work for you, whether the shy introvert, to the fun-loving extrovert.  We need each other.  We can actually learn to adapt to a different trait, all we need is the true passion and love for what we believe in.

Kind of goes back to my main mantra, by my man, an introvert and true great leader:

Become the change you wish to see ~Mahatma Gandhi





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