Infinite Power

Good morning lovelies!

It’s Friday!!  Any great plans for the weekend?  Well, lucky me I get to work the next couple of days.  I’ll live.  It gives me a chance to do my usual to-do’s in the morning.


Yesterday was pretty good started out with a little of this:

IMG_5970Cloudy weather called for black tea and banana oatmeal with peanut butter.  Too Yummy.


After yoga, I got ready to meet up a friend for a late lunch.  I was ready pretty early so I went to Barnes & Nobles for a little tea and reading.  Usually, when I read I have other distractions around, so this was pretty awesome.

IMG_5973This too was pretty awesome.  Avocado and hummus sandwich with greens and more green.  Looked like I licked the plate clean when I was done….  I swear I didn’t though…



I guess you can call this dinner.  Little snack for on the go.  Had a short shift so I knew I wouldn’t even have time for a full meal.  This did the trick.

Infinite Power

So lately, I’ve been questioning my abilities.  I like to believe I live a pretty humble life, and I am grateful for that everyday.  I have bills, part-time job, school, and my  biggest thrills are food and yoga.  I purposely don’t go out as much and make sure I get enough rest, so I am able to put all my energy into my education, readings, and yoga.

I was asked in an email a couple of days ago, “What drives me?  What am I passionate about?  What do I want to do?”  Those are loaded questions!  Especially, for a chance at a job that honestly,  I’m just thinking about for the “9-5” and money.  I answered honestly.  My passion is food, healthy-living, being able to help others, educating myself.  I related the answer to how my passion would fit into any job.  I want to get to know people and help them.  Guide them in the right direction.  Reading, learning, solving problems are all part of any job.  You can make a difference where ever your at really.  If you don’t like what you do, find ways to like it.   The most powerful action someone can do is change their mindset.  To be able to turn negative into positive.  It’s something I learned from The Power of Now.

It made me realize that maybe I do have a chance to make a difference still.  I have dreams of leaving everything and everyone.  I want to experience, be in an awe, I want to say “I was here, I did that”  and be proud.  To be honest, I struggled, battle demons in my mind, lost friends, gained friends, been hurt by others and even hurt myself.  But in the end, I overcame.  Most of us do.  Everyone can!  It’s because we all have infinite power.  We have the power to change our lives.  Our knowledge and capabilities are infinite!  Dream big, but don’t forget to do big.

For myself, I believe that one day I will be out of retail, do what I love by helping others get healthy and happy, travel, and be able to find a different kind of love I’ve never experienced.  All with my own infinite power, combined with the power of my surroundings and universe.  First up, let go of the doubt.  Let go of the negative thoughts.  Let go of sadness.  Have the power to be positive, happy, and driven toward possibilities.  It may seem easier said than done.  It is.  But you know what they say, practice won’t make perfect, but you’ll be pretty damn close 😉

A little inspiration for your weekend.  Something to start it right, with a smile, and light heart.









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