Getting Into The Groove

Good morning!!!

Hope you all had a good night rest.  I really have been loving my new bed, the couch.  Seriously, it’s small, but I love the blankets.  I’m a firm believer in a messy bed makes a comfy bed.  Just pile some blankets on me and I’m good to go.

Anyways… just thought I would go over what I’ve been eating.  After a cleanse to an indulgent weekend, getting somewhat on track was necessary.


Breakfast:  An unpictured banana.  I worked that day and was really in a rush.  Since I really wasn’t hungry from the night before it was a perfect snack till my early lunch.

LunchIMG_5949You’re gonna be seeing this salad a lot for a while.  It’s just too good!  And so filling!  Absolutely Love.  Green Goddess Salad.

DinnerIMG_5954Bollitos de guineo con gondules!  (Plantain dumplings and pigeon peas)  One of my favorite dishes my grandma makes.  She made dinner for the family and I wasn’t too hungry, but best believe I downed a good portion.  Cucumber and tomato salad on the side.

IMG_5955Ice cream for good measure.  Almond mocha and chocolate peanut butter. (Coconut milk)


BreakfastIMG_5959Banana Whipped Oats!  With some coconut shreds and coconut sugar.  Finally bought some raw almond butter.  I absolutely love raw almond butter in the summer with my overnight oats.  Never gets old.

LunchIMG_5963I ran out of apple cider vinegar so I used lemon.  Just as delicious.

DinnerIMG_5968Leftover quinoa pasta and vegetable marinara.  Almost tasted like a ratatouille since it was so hearty.  Twas yummy.  It was pretty late, so I stuck to a little smaller portion (so I tell myself).

Half a mug of Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream unpictured.  Just needed something sweet to cap off the night.  It was lovely.

My only complaint of the last couple of days was the late night eating.  Between eating with the familia or after work, you sometimes can’t help but just eat whenever.  I work nights the rest of the week, so I’m sure that will put me semi on track.  Either way, I still loved being able to enjoy simple warm weeknight dinners.  Not often do I get to do that.

How have you been incorporating some healthy meals or routines back on your schedule?  Ever just let go for a little?  Go with the flow?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!  A little something for you beauties…


Peace out peeps,



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