Starting Fresh For Spring

It’s Spring!!!

It actually is somewhat a decent spring day around here.  By that, I clearly mean there is no snow.  Hope you guys are able to enjoy this day!  I’m working all day, but I plan to do what I need a little before and a little after.  

The seasons are changing and I couldn’t be more excited (and exhausted).  As I’ve mentioned before (or maybe not)  as the season’s change our body’s change.  If you are not careful to pay attention and help the process it could be difficult.  For me, sleep and eating habits were getting kind of wacky.  

To start fresh in Spring, I think most people would benefit from some sort of detox.  NOT the same one, but one that works for you.  For me this was kind of an experiment.  I took a slight derail from an Ayurvedic detox and went with a raw food short cleanse.  Here’s how it went down.

The Detox

Fasting.  Probably the hardest part.  I did talk about it before in this post, but I want to say a little more about the juices and why the juices.  These juices were all organic, freshly juiced, must be refrigerated and drank within the week.


I chose this because I still wanted to get in some nutrients and calories.  It’s all natural sugars, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.  I used to think that juicing was weird,  mostly because I didn’t understand why you would just take the nutrients and not fill yourself with substance and fiber.  I’ve finally educated myself the benefits.  I wanted to give my digestion system a break.   To heal itself from overuse and abuse of toxic foods.  Taking in all the nutrients and making them easily accessible to the body is what juicing does.  From what I’ve been learning in this book, Prakriti, Ayurveda believes that one of the first steps to healing, is fasting.  Digestion is taken very seriously and believed to be the main importance of your health.  So that is what I did.  I thought since I have a pretty active job, and I was still going to yoga, I needed something, and to be honest, I probably needed more.  Just one more juice, to get my sugar and energy up to continue that last day.  I made it, but just as I was advised, 1 to 2 days is enough.  After that it will do the reverse.

Raw Foods.  Prob the easiest and most delicious part of my detox.  Literally, I felt amazing by Friday.  I truly believe that no specific detox is good for everyone.  I chose raw foods, because as someone who leads a high vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, I wanted something that would give my system that extra boost it needed.

Since the winter, most of my foods have been cooked.  They were heavy, warming, and seasonal for the winter months.  For my dosha, that was important.  With the season changing, I wanted to get my body used to the type of eating, that would probably be best for the upcoming months.   When you cook food, you loose nutrients.  No matter what you never get the same amount of nutrients that the food is said to have whether you boil or roast you vegetables.  I wanted to try and get the maximum amount of nutrition out of my meals.  I wanted to let my mouth, saliva, and natural enzymes do the work.

When you chew your food, saliva naturally works with your food to create these enzymes (cellulose for example) that help more nutrients get assimilated into the body and starts digestion sooner  within your system (this is salivary amylase) .  Especially raw foods which need a little extra work.  Chew your food people!

So the kale (a well-known nutrient powerhouse), sprouted legumes (low-fat raw source of protein), spiced sunflower seeds (omegas and protein), coriander (detoxifying herb), and avocado (healthy fats and full of potassium) all helped in keeping me full for hours.  And it tasted amazing.


When detoxing, I was advised to double the dosage of Triphala, although to be honest, I hadn’t seen any difference while I was honest or after.  I wasn’t really  regular, but I also didn’t feel bloated or uncomfortable.  Maybe it’s from eating less?  To be honest,  I got a little nervous.  I know this is far from a laxative, but I thought I would be going more.  Well, everything ended up normal, which I guess it’s fine since I wasn’t having crazy issues before last week.


I recommend taking it slow after the detox.  Saturday I only had the Vegetarian Curry which was perfect.  Warming and light.  Sunday was a whole different story.  I ended up feeling crazy full and a bit sluggish through Monday.  Where did all that energy go that I created last week?  When you over eat, you build up Ama in your system, waste product of bad digestion.  I kind of felt guilty about throwing that detox out the window.  But I decided to get myself together and yesterday I ate “normal” to get back on track but slowly.  We can get more into that tomorrow.

 I will say, feeling better didn’t take as long as it used to.  I think the detox cleanse you out enough so that you start new.  There is less ama from the past to deal with, so it’s easier to discard what you just accumulated.

I hope this helps!  This is just my own accounts.  I didn’t follow a specific detox, but rather took a little from each.  Juicing, raw, and Ayurveda.  That is what nutrition is, even more so the future.  No wrong or right.  Some how the healthiest people may range from eating paleo to vegan.  I think it’s a blessing that we are all different like that.

How are we all similar though?  Movement and meditation.  I couldn’t have felt as good as I did without yoga.  To sweat out the toxins was great, keep my body limber, and energized was absolutely perfect.  And the meditation?  Even just focusing on my breath, focusing on the now, that itself detoxes your mind.  Mind and body are one.  How you think affects how you feel and what you do.  Even if you don’t do yoga, any kind of movement and meditation will help your Spring Detox.  It’s just 10 minutes or one hour with only yourself.


Enjoy this beautiful day lovelies,





  1. We’ve got a bit of snow left ourselves here. Detoxes make me feel great as well. I love it when my sense of smell really starts to improve. Of course I love the feeling of having energy to spare as well.

    1. I actually didn’t even notice any difference in my sense of smell. I guess it’s something I have to pay attention to next time! The energy is great though!

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