Food Allergies And Intolerances

Hey guys!

Hope you all had a great Monday!  Even more so, a spectacular weekend!  Mine was pretty good and extended till today too.

Quick rundown:

IMG_5907Thai vegetarian red curry takeout!  How I broke my raw food cleanse.  Uh-mazing.

IMG_5908When was the last time you saw this bad boy?  OIAJ!

New York City fun!  Went to an amazing restaurant with the family.  We went to this place Sauce and I was really impressed.  Reason number 1:

IMG_5909Local grass-fed beef.  Pretty awesome.

But I got:IMG_5915Absolutely divine.  Fried crispy egg with potato linguine and fried sage.  Really tasty.

Every one really enjoyed their meal, from the pork to the beef.  I had a fresh squeezed orange juice as well.  So good.

Once we left we went to Whole Foods, where I enjoyed a delicious cappacino


and then to come home and have some takeout pizza with the familia:

IMG_5925Mushroom and spinach.  Fresh garlic.

IMG_5930Mami’s Birthday Goodies!  Tiramisu and biscottis!  Yummy.

STOP!  This is where the lesson comes in!

I officially have some sort of food allergy.  Lately, when I eat really heavy foods, or have some wine, I get a red face heated face to go with it.  It’s something that has been happening for maybe 4/5 months now.   Definitely happens with the wine.  Food, it can be the spicyness, to the hotness, or even just going out for a hearty meal.  I once had some eggplant parmigian, which ended up with my face flared up!

After yesterday’s meal, I officially had enough.  I looked it up and learned that I may have an alcohol intolerance to an allergy with drinks containing sulfites.   That part is actually hereditary, which both my mom and aunt do have.  Also heavy or high caloric meals may play a role.  I figured that one out myself maybe a couple months ago.  The energy from digesting the food may make the blood rush to the head.  Also any cooking that uses MSG.  Restaurants are something not afraid of that ingredient.

So it’s sad to say, that I can’t take the heavy foods.  I actually broke one of my Weekend Lessons.  Eating out twice probably wasn’t the best choice, but I learned why it wasn’t best for me in this situation.  It may take a little more experimenting, but I’m determined to figure it out.  Hopefully, to even go to some holistic doctor.  Last week this never happened, so we can cross out raw foods and juices as the problem 🙂

As for today, I tried to keep it healthy!

IMG_5932Green Juice

IMG_5937Green Detox Salad

IMG_5943Mid-day Cold Care tea… and some inspiration 😉

IMG_5947Mama’s eggplant mushroom quinoa pasta with bread and butta.

*Forgotten photos of those bad-ass biscottis with almond milk.*

Feeling a little better, but actually having a love-hate debate with the fact of going back to work today.  I got a good amount of work done and a lot of bonding with my family.  I didn’t even leave the house (or my pj’s) all day, so it will be bittersweet going back to work.  Wish me luck!

Have a good night lovies!


PS.  If I spelled any of the Italian words wrong, sorry in advance.  Spell check wasn’t up for the challenge…



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