Day Five and I’m Still Alive!

Good Morning beauties!

It’s Friday!  And guess who has off Saturday to Monday!  After tonight, I’ll be a free little bird who can finally relax and eat!  Okay, I’ll stop rubbing it in now.  Just thought to share my excitement in hopes to get you a bit pumped.  Any good plans?  Trips?  Foodie love?  Hopefully mine consist of maybe a little going out (once a week rule ;), good food and READING!  Oh, how I miss just being able to read in the middle of the day, even just a chapter or two.

Anyway, my detox has finally taken a turn.  Yesterday was the first day I felt awesome, although I can’t tell you exactly what it is, as I cheated. *Gasp* Twice!


The first day I was going to allow myself meals made out of raw food. Started out great!



Banana, coconut larabar, and green juice.  So. Yummy. Especially when it’s your first meal in days.


After yoga My daddy decided he wanted to take his baby out to lunch.  How do you say no to that?  I do not know.  It’s a rare occasion I eat out with just one of my parents, so I said, “Whatever, I always have the next meal.”  Plus, it was Thai!  I inhaled a green juice and then…


I guess fasting made me pretty hungry.  Anyways, this left me thirsty the rest of day!  Thank god for fruit and juices!




Lunch:  Star of the show


Glorious Greens!  Dinasour kale, sprouted legumes, sprouted Ayurveda spiced sunflower seeds (more on that in a second), and a dressing of safflower oil, apple-cider vinegar, and raw honey.  This salad was seriously good.  Besides the obvious most delicious part, the avocado of course, the next best topping were these sunflower seeds:

IMG_5876So good! I bought them about a couple of weeks ago from the bulk bins at Whole Foods and never thought to open them (I’m not a snacker).  Well, I highly recommend them!  Made with Himalayan sea salt, Ayurvedic chili, and another slew of organic ingredients.  Twas delicious! Oh, and there was kombucha on the side which was absolutely amazing, as always.


IMG_5886Wasn’t even hungry, but thought I needed to up my nutrition/calories for the day.

My cheat for yesterday?  I didn’t go to yoga.  I decided my body would do better with the 6 hours of sleep instead, and after work I went to see a friend I haven’t hung out with in a while.  Sometimes you just need to prioritize your own primary foods.

Well, hopefully by Monday I have the complete rundown.  Why I ate certain foods, to my feelings pre, during, and post detoxing.  Today is my last day, so I’m not anticipating anything crazy.  I actually have exciting news for next week too!

IMG_5897Banana, apple, cinnamon, lemon, and coconut sugar 🙂

(Btw – That’s peppermint tea, no caffeine in 4 days!)

Enjoy this beautiful day!




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