Fasting Forreals

Good Morning guys!

Hope you guys had a great couple of days.  It’s Wednesday and oh, how I am ever so grateful.  The last couple of days have been rough.

Recap on eats (or juices rather)





Feelings:  Great energy to start.  Felt great at yoga and after.   By dinner I felt really tired and hungry.  Once I juiced, I took a slight nap and was good to go at work.

Tuesday (shit got real)

Breakfast: green juice

Lunch:  beet juice

dinner:  ginger tea

Feelings:  Felt a little bloated in the morning, but went away soon after having breakfast.  Good in the morning and then most of the day I had low energy.  The weather was a little more damp and made me want something a little more comforting.  I still went to yoga (thanks to mama’s encouragement) and took it easy so I didn’t over exert myself.  Actually ended up happy that I went, no surprise there.

Afterwards I had a mini melt down.  The thought of not eating got me crazy.  It wasn’t even being hungry, it was more like panic.  “I haven’t eaten.  Is this healthy?  Should I feel this tired/exhausted?  Is this all in my head?”  It took a reminder that, “I am a yogi.  I can do this,” I just like to eat.  I know that for my dosha I shouldn’t go more than 2 days without eating, THANK GOD IT’S WEDNESDAY!

Fasting Overall

Let it be known, with preparation and good mentality, this isn’t so bad.  The juices were delicious and actually filling and nourishing as meals.  I would prob wouldn’t do less than 3 a day.  If you’re worried about expenses, think of this at going out to eat for a few days out of the week.  Instead of buying groceries or going out to lunch, this detox is the replacement and it works out just the same.   Or you may even juice yourself, as that is probably cheaper and most likely healthier (freshness is always better).

Reminders of why your doing this is helpful too.  For me was to give my digestion system a break.  Clean myself out a bit.  I thought 2 days to be a sufficient amount of time.  I’m still alive and kickin’.  The fact that I was able to nourish my body with a few healthy nutrients, made me fee a little better.  To be honest, I also thought about how there are plenty of people who go without or with very little food for long periods of time.  The human body is absolutely amazing.

Also I have been drinking a detox tea.  It’s a mix of a popular detox drink with an Ayurvedic kick.  This is great to have any time.  Sip it throughout the day for hydration and warmth.  This definitely helped get through in between meals

Lemon Ginger Detox Tea

  • 2 cups of boiled water
  • 1/2 tsp powdered ginger
  • 1/4 – 1/2 lemon
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne
  • 1 tbs raw honey

Mix together and enjoy hot or warm all day.

Yay!  I hope you guys have a great day.  Enjoy some yummy foods, cake, and drinks for me 🙂

Keep it yummy,





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