Spring Detox and New Moon

Good Morning ya’ll!!

Happy Monday?  How was your weekend?  Fun?  Stressful?  Filling?  Mine was a little bit of everything.  There was some work, play, and of course food 🙂












IMG_5837The Last Supper

Spring Detox and March New Moon

The winter months have been a little more than crazy.  Between cold weather, short days, holidays, and work, trying to get adjusted wasn’t so challenging.  I think what prepared my body the best was my detox from last year, in the start of fall.  Following a cleanse based on Ayurveda, I got my body acclimated to the new season and temperatures ahead.  As Fall and Spring are turning points within the the Ayurvedic Calendar, it’s important to prepare your body in the same cycle.

Fall was easy, it is the season of Vata.  After the start of Fall, I did what I could to follow a cleanse that was great for my dosha.  The detox was a great opportunity to learn what was Ayurveda, how to detox for my body-type, and how food affected body.  Example, I learned that I needed a lot of sweet cooked foods to stay warm during the Vata-Winter months.  It worked.  My skin was clear, my weight hadn’t changed much (except during the holidays hehe), my digestive system was on point, and I was usually able to balance my life and time.

Now spring coming upon us, and I’ve already noticed a big difference in my body.  As I was still following a Winter diet, I noticed my body getting a little funky.  Craving salads and cold breakfasts was the easy part to figure out, but I wasn’t listening.  My skin was not shy to let me know what was going on, or wrong.  I was still eating heavy and spicy foods, and not working out according to my dosha.  The days were getting longer, so by the time I was waking up some mornings, it was already light out!  I missed my favorite time of day 😦

There is a different feel of the atmosphere when the season changes, and the Kapha Season of spring definitely was hitting me hard.

For  Vata, the best time to detox is between the seasons of Fall and Spring (Winter).  My last detox started the week after the start of Fall and now I shall do a detox the week before spring.  It worked out perfectly because today starts the phase of the New Moon.  I am not much into astrogology, but I couldn’t help but see the significance of this particular phase.  It is in perfect cohesion of the following week being spring.

This New Moon signifies a new beginning.  It is when the sun and moon align which gives powerful energy.  It’s a time when you can set your goals and true desires, in hopes that the energy of the sky helps move along those intentions.  As the new moon is blank, that it when it’s best to fill in what you want to fill your life with.  It’s a great time to look inward.

I looked it up according how it affects you depending on your sign, and I couldn’t help to see how true it was for my Gemini self (I’m a cusp between Cancer as well, so I always take into account both.)  As I’ve been struggling with self issues, wanting to keep more to myself and trying not to loose confidence in what I am trying to achieve, the week of this March new moon should be a turn over!  Yay!  See how it aligned so perfectly with the spring, detox, and new beginnings?

I could only hope that this week, not only am I putting discipline on my diet, but on my mind and body.  My diet will consist of juices and raw foods.  My mind will go through of deeper meditations in the morning.  My body… #yogaeverydamnday.  I want to release the energies and toxins accumulated during the winter months, one way or another :* I want to make my body light again by ridding the heavyness of the foods and layers.  I want to bring the warmth from the outside, not by food, into my body.  I want my mind and skin to feel more light and refreshed from the longer days of sun.

Do I sound selfish?  I can’t help it.  What I want for myself is to only better everything else.  I feel light, then I see lightness in everything, from events, to people, or situations.  It’s the same for seeing goodness and greatness all around me.  My world (the east coast that is), is coming to life again!

If you stayed with me this long, I applaud you!  I thank you!  This is what I know, feel, and can do for myself,  in hopes that I can teach and learn from others.  Hopefully, I can keep you up to date about how this goes.  Fingers crossed I don’t start craving cookies tomorrow!


Enjoy your day lovelies!








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