Ummm, Is This What Dorming Feels Like?

Good morning lovelies!

Hows the morning treating you so far?  I hope you’re awake and ready to aim for a good day.  I’m going to try

It’s Thursday and I can’t tell if I’m happy or blah about it.  I mean, yes I am off, and it’s almost the weekend, but I feel a sense of anxiousness.  Almost as if I have to start recovering from the last couple of weeks.  With limited yoga, restless meditations, earlier wake-up calls, and a whole other slew of nonsense, adjustment is not coming easy.  Day-by-day.

Yesterdays eats were as follows:

BreakfastIMG_5742Sprouted cinnamon raisin toast, almond butta, and banana (x2)

LunchIMG_5745IMG_5748Salad, then yellow rice and beans with sweet potatoes.  G-ma style.

DinnerIMG_5749Deliciously juicy grapefruit and unpictured larabar.

No kitchen, no privacy… but really… no kitchen?!

Yesterday, I had the glorious opportunity of seeing my stove being thrown to the wolves, no longer able to help provide me with hot delicious meals.  Flashed before my eyes, was the one thing that was so sacred for me.  Dramatic? Yes?  Admittedly so, I love the kitchen.  We can also talk about how I can’t really be in my room either.  With two men working on our kitchen and my room on the same floor, my new living space will probably be my grandparents pad. I’m ok with no room.  I really just like to sleep in it.  Sharing space and bathroom with a few others all the time might take some getting used to but I’m up for the challenge.The challenge I’m most scared about is…. the kitchen.

 I’m not trying to take over my grandma’s domain.  She has dinner ready by 1pm most days for the most part.  I love her cooking and it tends to be a life-saver, when oh-my-god-I-just-got-outta-work-and-I’m-starving moments happen.  I have to share.  I’m used to days in the kitchen and nobody home.  The perks of a crazy schedule.

I figure maybe I have to choose my battles?  Battles in the kitchen I mean 😉

  • Let’s try once a week kitchen time.  I think that would be a great opportunity to cook for a couple of days, AND let my grandparents experience some new cooking.  We usually always are cooking at the same time and end up eating our lunch together.  But yea, I’m going to show them what healthy food is really made of.  Maybe, even show how food can at some degree be thy medicine.  
  • Semi-homemade meals fo real.  Canned foods will prob make more of an appearance.  More going out, which I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of excited about.  This will allow grocery shopping be mostly for the basic fruits and veggies.  Which is perfect because…
  • Opportunity to eat raw foods!  With less stove time and no microwave (only used for extreme cases) I can prepare more salads and focus on foods that are good for my body raw.  I have to do my research with that one.  I don’t know if I told you, but my Vata self can’t handle so much raw kale.  So sad 😦

So here’s another challenge for the month.  Hopefully, I get used to it fast.  Don’t think so much into it even. I’ve heard of 1 room apartments, but don’t they usually always come with a sink and stove?  That’s really all I need.  I’ll take an air-mattress and blanket any day.

Enjoy the day peeps!



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  1. You definitely shouldn’t post pictures like these when I’m scrolling the internet late at night!
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