Healthy Banana Ice Cream

Helloooo beautiful people!

How did you guys make out for the weekend?  Mine was alright.  I can definitely say I indulged all weekend.  So yum!

IMG_5664Vegan Chili

IMG_5673My new boyfriend.  He’s amazing.

IMG_5679Sprouted cinnamon raisin toast, almond butta, banana

Cheesecake Factory GoodnessIMG_5682IMG_5685

IMG_5687Chocolate coconut ice cream and some cookie butta

IMG_5691OIAJ.  Banana Whipped oats, sunflower seed butter, apple cranberry jelly.

IMG_5700Fresh baked bread, roasted red peppers, local mozzarella, herbed olive oil

IMG_5703Black bean soup and tostones

IMG_5705Ice cream with some fixn’s


IMG_5713Pasteles, brown rice, avocado, and salsa

IMG_5717Wild caught salmon, string beans, potatoes, and amazing salad

Finally a Recipe! (sorta)

So, now that it’s getting nice (mostly just sunny) I’ve been craving a LITTLE salad and ice cream 🙂  I don’t know about you, but my waistline and bad sweet tooth can not handle ice cream every day.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because instead I get to creat yummy healthy alternatives!  I actually didn’t create this though. LOL.  From the years I’ve been reading blogs, I can’t even tell you where this recipe adapted from.  But, I can tell you it’s delicious, easy, and healthy.  Holla to that.


Frozen Banana Ice Cream

  • 2 frozen bananas cut in pieces 
  • almond milk
  • blender

Put frozen banana pieces in blender and about 2 tbs of milk to start.  Start blending.  Add milk to desired consistency.  Top with whatever toppings.  Enjoy!


I had mine with coconut, cranberries, and my new lovaaaaa 😉

Hope you enjoyed your Mondays sweet thangs!

Till next time,






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