A Constant Reminder

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you all had a good nights rest and ready for the day.  Can you believe February’s over??? I can not.  My life is flashing before my eyes.  I am getting old, which obviously means my grandma status is getting more and more acceptable.  Oh yeaaa!

Yesterdays eats:


I tried to make breakfast a little different.  Banana whipped oats… with dates and sunflower seed butter 🙂 Seriously, a delicious change.  I don’t use sunflower seed butter a lot, but I was definitely craving it in the morning.  This actually lasted me almost 5 hours.  Gotta love that!


IMG_5642Working during lunch and dinner time really puts a damper on cooking.  It also creates a monster within me because I was ravenous!  I didn’t eat till 3pm, but for me, 1pm is ideal.  Here I added quinoa to the soup, made a side salad with some avocado and Newman’s Italian dressing, and some bread.  I ended up eating the other half of my avocado with the bread at the end.  It’s probably one of the best combinations. Ever.  Snack was an orange.


My Mantra

So after I wrote about how I might have to slow down, or let something go, I set myself a mantra at yoga that day.  A mantra is an intention that one uses for their practice/life.  It may be something they would like to feel, experience, or remind themselves.  It may also be a dedication towards another person.  When you say it to yourself, most likely you will start to feel or do it.  My mantra:

It is enough.

Being able to only stretch so far .  It is enough.  Putting down one of my books for a few weeks.  Two is enough.  Doing 30 minutes of school work some days.  It is enough.  Not going to #yogaeverydamnday.  Thrice is enough.  Going out once a week.  It is enough.  Getting six hours of sleep a night.  It is enough (for me).  Not being able to cook all week.  Well, at least I still ate.  That is enough.

I’m trying to learn that doing a little bit can still have great benefits.  It becomes almost progression every time.  I’ve always had this all or nothing mentality.  That if I can only do a little, then I might as well not bother.  When I get annoyed, discouraged, or upset about what I need to accomplish, knowing that I was able to dedicate some of my time towards whatever it is, I just remind myself, well, that was enough.  Hopefully, I am blessed with another day, another week, to do whatever it is I please.

IMG_5645Enjoying my morning everyday.  Damn right that’s enough!

Enjoy your day (maybe weekend) beautiful people!




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