Self Care: Ayurveda Quickies

Good morning!!!

Hope you all got a good night sleep and ready for the day!


Today we’re gonna go through some simple tools and routines one can use to really benefit your body if done on a daily basis.  They are simple but have great results.  They can be done in the morning or night, so you may be able to accomplish no matter what.

Self Care with Ayurveda Staples

Here is what you need:

1.  Tongue Scraper.  This is great to use every morning after brushing your teeth.  What this does is effectively remove all the bacteria and toxins that had formed overnight.  When you wake up, examine your tongue before brushing your teeth.  You’ll notice a film or coating on your tongue which is all the “ama” built up.  The tongue is directly correlated to different part of the body from heart, liver, to the intestines.  What you do is put the scraper in the back of your mouth and pull from the back of your tongue to the very tip.  Do not go back and forth.  Repeat 2-4 times.  This keeps your tongue cleaner, which than allows you to be more sensitive to the taste of your food.  This affects both your mind and digestion.

2.  Dry Brush.  Dry Brushing is basically giving your body a dry massage.  What it does is stimulate the skin and your lymphatic system so you have better blood circulation and releases toxins built up in the body.  Our lymphatic system removes waste and supports our immunity so its best to keep it flowing and healthy.  Dry brushing also removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the body so it’s best to do this before a shower, and preferably in the morning to get our going and invigorated.  I usually start from the bottom up, but from the top down is fine too.   Make sure you get your feet legs, butt (buttox?), back stomach, arms (underarms as well), and shoulders.  Work your way up or down using a circular motion.  Exclude your neck and chest.

3.  Oil Foot Massage.  This is great to do every night to calm yourself before bed.  Massaging from the feet you directly release tension from the day.  Using sesame oil gives a deeper massage by directly infusing a warming effect on the body.  Perfect for those cold winter nights.  After your done, put on some cozy socks and your good to go for some sleep.

These things are essential to do every day in order to reap the benefits.   I have been doing this for a few months now, and I can’t imagine skipping any of these rituals.  My favorite is the dry brushing,  definitely notice the difference in my skin!


Enjoy your day lovelies!




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