Helloooo there!

How has everyone’s day been going?  Mine has been eh.  Pretty productive and then I crashed.  I’m supposed to be going to yoga… we shall see.

After the weekend, I def needed to cleanse a bit.  Nothing crazy, just some whole simple foods.  As you’ll see, Monday’s was a bit more simple than today.  Thought I should up the flavors and calories 😉



IMG_5617Breakfast with banana whipped oats and pb

IMG_5620Purple grain bread with herbed olive oil

IMG_5621Veggie Soup with carrots, celery, cabbage, and cannelini beans


IMG_5628Banana whipped oatmeal with coconut, pb, AND coconut sugar!

IMG_5630Purple grain bread and herbed olive oil 🙂

IMG_5633Leftover veggie soup with avocado, cilantro, AND quinoa.  Literally, just amazing.

Love the way it went from simple and delicious, to still simple and amazing.  In between I have just been having either grapefruits or oranges, loving that citrus.

Still have a part of my day left peeps!

Enjoy your evening guys!




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