Weekend Lessons

Good morning beautiful people!


How was your weekend?  I hope it was absolutely amazing, even at least one hour of it.  Mine was good.  Did a little bit of everything, work, family, friends, food, and movies.   Not too shabby, eh? Well, through it all, I learned a little something, or rather many things.


1.  Food (and drinks):  I have become a very sensitive being.  Not only emotionally, but physically.  Food that was once so easy for me to digest, and drinks that I never want to give up, have been affecting me more and more.  Why?  Because my food habits are so different. My body knows what’s good for it and it’s up to me to listen.  As I’ve been reading a lot about Ayurveda and food for my dosha, it has all come together.  For me spicy, very salty food, and alcohol aggravate Vata, with my slight Pitta.  For me, it’s def seen all over my face.  I now am trying to lay off…


  • Spicy food.  Mild is fine, but whenever I get that heat, it goes straight to my head. Goes for Indian or Mexican spice.  I must add something cooling, such as avocado, or yogurt to calm the heat.
  • Eating out.  Some restaurants are very generous with salt.  Italian for example.  All the salt and sugar to make that delicious pasta sauce, is definitely too  much for me to handle.
  • Wine.  Alcohol  in generally alright for me, but wine is a very heating beverage.  One glass at a time.  Two is asking for trouble.


2.  Family time.  Nobody knows me better than my padres.  During this stressful couple of weeks, I can’t think of no better people to talk to and catch up with.  It’s necessary   Even a day with the grandparents is therapeutic   It’s nice to talk and listen to their advice.  And their advice now, slow the f*** down.  I’ve been trying to do it all, and it’s seriously a struggle.  I’m gonna have to learn balance and figure out what is really important for me to do.  My question is:  What do I let go?


3.  Friends.  No matter, I usually always have a great time.  My intention for lent has been to work on my introversion tendencies.  I have learned so far that my characteristics and personality isn’t bad, but just not ideal in the American culture.  Yet, while being so busy, one of the things I did sacrifice was my friends.  It’s sad, because I miss them.  Yesterday, I hung out with old and new friends, and let me say, I laughed till I cried and gave my abs a mini workout.  Did you know laughing is a form of exercise?  It’s in my book 🙂


4.  Work.  I’ve been busting my ass at work.  For a while I was slacking, unmotivated, and frankly too tired to care.  I don’t know what made me change (I think it was the fact I was less exhausted from yoga and early wake-up calls), but I’m glad I did.  I feel better when I give my best.  Almost as if I did a good deed for myself, coworkers, and managers.  When you work hard, it shows, and people always appreciate.  It’s your individuality affecting your team.  And, we always laugh through the madness.

5.  This weekend I watched Schindler’s List.  Absolutely amazing.  I am really not into violent movies (aka. corny action flicks or un-necessary gory films) but when it comes to history, documentaries, or real life, I love it. Give it meaning, importance, heart, and beauty.  It’s a movie that makes you think and feel.  I don’t cry during the torture or death scenes, I recognize it and respect it.  What does make me cry?  Scenes of generosity, community, and strength.  In the end, that’s what always wins my heart.  I highly recommend it.


6.  I can’t skip breakfast.


Till Manana,





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