Self Care: DIY Post Shower Massage Oils

Good morning lovelies!

It’s Friday   Hollaaaa!  I’m mostly just excited because I’m off.  Don’t be too jealous though, I do work the rest of the weekend.  But I am excited to make the most of it!

I thought I keep today’s post a little short, but oh so good.  It’s about oils.  Oils that you can use to moisturize, help you relax, and even smell good.  A good oil body massage is great for the mind and body.  It may hydrate your skin, warm your body, and help increase circulation within your lymphatic system.  Massage oils are also great to relax, the scented essential oil in which you use, you help stimulate good feelings.  We also can’t deny the fact that the act of massaging oneself also gives us appreciation for our own body.  A time be in touch with our true naked selves, and appreciate our toes to our neck.

All you need is 2 ingredients!

  • oil (alnond, coconut, sesame, jojoba…)
  • essential oil of your choice (if you use coconut I don’t think this is needed, as it already has a strong scent)

Take whatever bottle of oil you use and add 10-15 drops of the essiantial oil.  After you shower, lather a modest to generous amount of  oil onto wet skin.  Massage oil from your toes to your neck.  Pat dry lightly with your towel, just to get excess water off.  Put on a robe and comfy socks to let the oils seep into the skin before you dress yourself, about 10 minutes.  (I got this trick from my mommy 🙂 Thanks mom!)

*I based my blend of almond oil and sweet orange, from my dosha.  Almond oil and sesame oil are very warming, rich, and grounding oils, which is great for me.  I was using coconut oil before, and noticed that my body needed more lubrication (yes, I said it)  especially because it was winter.  The Ayurveda research I did confirmed it as well.

*You may also try oiling yourself before your shower.  I heard that the heat from the shower will about up pours and let the oil seep into the skin that way.  I’m not sure how that works if you use soap to bath though.

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Hope you enjoy lovelies!





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