A Little Bit Of This, A little Bit Of That

Hiiii guys!

Did today just fly by???  Mayb,e because yesterday felt like the longest day ever, that right now I am oh-so grateful its almost time for bed (1opm bed-time, whatup).  Really, there is not much of a difference between yesterday and today, just the order.  Yesterday was school-time and reading, followed by work.  After a late night on the job and 3 hour power nap, it was back to work during the day to down-time tonight.  One subject that was different was the food though…


IMG_5551OIAJ!  Banana whipped oatmeal in an almond butta jar.

IMG_5562Purple-grain bread with sunflower seed butter and banana.  Coffee with cream and sugar.  Oh yes.


IMG_5556Toasted bread with a fried egg and goat cheese.   Salad and butternut squash soup (Amy’s) on the side.

IMG_5567Salad topped with avocado and Chipotle’s salad dressing.  Vegan Thai Dumplings.  Great addition.


IMG_5559It was pretty lame, but tasty.

IMG_5570Grandmas Kitchen.  Rice and beans with sweet potato, vegan pastels, white rice, and avocado.

Everything was delicious and nutritious in their own special way.  Although, most delicious goes to Grandma’s kitchen.  Isn’t that always the case?

Hopefully, I can stay awake long enough to do a little work and reading.  I actually started watching Los Premios (Latin Grammy’s), so if anything I can say I did something different.  Exciting!!!!! Not.

IMG_5574Ginger tea and dates.  Not appealing to the eye, yet amazing once you bite into it .

Buenas noches peeps!!!




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