Cooking Rut

Goooood Morning!

Happy Hump Day!  I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda wishing this week would fly.  I think I’m officially exhausted.  I napped hard on top of the table at work on my break… not pretty.  I don’t know if it’s from the busy-ness of last week and weekend, but I cannot get my act together yet.  It’s Wednesday, the week is usually up and going by now!   I am sleeping later (but not more), working more, and eating like crazy.  It’s impossible for me to do everything in one day.  Unless, I am up at 5am and go untll 11pm, then yes I can, and I have.  Although, like I’ve said, sleep is always being sacrificed.

Well now one of the other players is being let go.  Cooking.  Something that I used to hold dear to my heart.  It would make me feel good, happy, proud, and actually young.  I’m like a little kid in the kitchen.  I throw everything I like in a pot, make noise, and sing to my music of choice in the process.  I’m a good time.  Yet, I started to feel that everything else is more important.  Sometimes I don’t even know how I survive.  A lot of repeats actually.  Boriiiinggg.

Now I only get about 1 more week left of the kitchen.  It’s being redone.  I’m scared.  We have another one downstairs, but my Grandma is kind of a big deal down there.  How can want to cook while smelling all the other delicious food being made. That’s another way I’ve been surviving:


Lunch. Fresh vegan pasteles and brown rice.  Take note of that salad though.  I’m trying.  I even put a whole avocado, because it’s green, duh.

Point of the story is, I’m going to try.  At least 3 meals in 1 week.  Left overs for at least 2.  Ummmmm, I’m going to try and start it today?  Prob not, because I have leftover pasteles in the fridge, that can’t last too long not eaten. It’s a sin.  And tomorrow, I work.  Damn.  This is going to happen!  I love fresh veggies!  Time to get back to my roots!  That’s all I need to tell myself.

If there’s anything you let go of and feel you need to get it back.  Just try.  Remember how you felt.  If it was great and doable, do it again!

Bye bye, cooking rut!




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