Who Is a Conscious Eater?

Good Morning loves!

I hope you all had some kind of fabulous weekend.  Weather snowed in, enjoying some sun, or maybe taking time to catch up (that’s me!), I hope you enjoyed!  My weekend was pretty great.  I was off all weekend and still off for the next couple of days.  I didn’t know go out much (since Friday morning), but I did get a lot done and took advantage of some family bonding.  Umm snowy weather and a house full of food lovas, bring on some good eats.



We awoke to this beauty.  I never really put up any picture of snow.  Hopefully, this isn’t the last snow of the season, but just wanted to make sure to share this beauty.

IMG_5344Breakfast was some Spanish coffee with a little cream and suga, and a side of banana whipped oats.  That coffee was amazing.  Its a rare occasion when I drink it home, but when specially made by my grandma old school style, one can not resist.

IMG_5354Lunch was simple but delicious.  A fried egg and avocado on a sprouted english muffin with some sauce on the side.  A light lunch that I don’t enjoy often enough.


Keepin in classy at dinner.  Wine appetizer.  Wild caught fresh salmon, organic potatoes, local greens with goat cheese, cranberries, and almonds.  Amazing.


Chocolate Walnut Tart from Wholefoods.  Need I say more?


BreakfastIMG_5365A delicious day started out right with some simple banana oats again.

IMG_5368There was a Puerto Rican feast going on at my house by an experienced chef of 60 years.  Home-style Spanish cooking is her specialty.  Made delicious and with love.  Nothing fancy when she’s around….


IMG_5379Vegan pasteles (chickpeas, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and eggplant), arroz con gondules (rice and pigeon peas), yuca con mojo (casava with oil infused with garlic, cilantro, and lime), and a simple salad of tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado.  Everyone also got to enjoy pork, some more rice and beans, and traditional pasteles.  We don’t play games.

*dessert: repeat chocolate tart (enter moans of goodness)*

Who is a Conscious Eater?

With all this delicious food the last couple of days, I can’t help but right about how it feels to really enjoy your food.  Not just for pleasure, but with grace and gratitude.  That to me, is conscious eating.

On Saturday I had my fair share of animal products and food.  Organic pasture raised cream in my coffee, local fried egg at lunch, fresh wild caught salmon, and a little cheese and dessert from my beloved whole foods.  I acknowledge my wanting and enjoyed every second of it.  It takes alot from the animals and producers to bring consumers such products, and our responsibility as consumers is to enjoy it and not be greedy with it.

At every meal, think about where you food is coming from.  I’m not saying to analyze how organic or if it’s in-season it, but recognize what is on your plate.  Where it came from, if any life was sacrificed, and even how it was prepared.  Yes, even who cooked your meal.  Because the love and thought that was put into the meal, is what you are going to get from it.  Not for nothing, but I don’t think the person who is frying your frozen fries from Burger King really cares about you, or the food they are preparing.  Having my grandma prepare a meal for her children and grandchildren all together, probably put 10x more love and effort into what was prepared.  Seeing everyone enjoy the food on their plate makes all the difference.

Yet I also think one should think about the lives it affects.  The animal in which gave you it’s milk and the one which flesh is on your plate.  For me, I don’t have it often enough to not think about it.  When I do, I take time into accepting what is on my plate, literally give thanks, and savor EVERY bite in MODERATION.  What you eat affects everything.  It is time to realize, that to eat food from the ground is a little more lighter and less of a burden to yourself and the world we live in.  I’ve been reading a book that says even the carrot that is being peeled and chop has feelings.

Life is life.  Whether it’s yours, the cows, or the flowers.  If we all just recognized beauty, kindness and gratitude to all living things would be given.  Take time to really see your meal.  Be thankful.  Be aware.  Be conscious   I can’t help but notice… how you eat, is how you see the world.


Gratitude is the open door to abundance




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