Start Your Day Right!

Good Morning ya’ll!!!!

Hope the last couple of days have been good to you.  It’s Wednesday so I guess happy hump day   I don’t know about you but after today starts my mini vacation.  I’m off for six days!  Whaaaa!  Got lots of catching up to do, so I’ll take it.

The last few days have been pretty busy.  Between yoga and work, it can be a hard to fit whatever else in between.  Even meals, so this is what I have been enjoying as of late:



IMG_5237sprouted english muffin, almond butta, banana, cinnamon


IMG_5241Really late lunch.  Pasteles, avocado, spanish brown rice.  Devoured.  Kept me full all night.



IMG_5242Actually had an early morning shift, so nothing fancy, just tasted awesome.  Organic Whole Grain Sprouted Bread (Whole Foods Bakery).  Peanut butta and cinnamon.  Banana was on the go.


IMG_5248Day 4 and still going strong.  It’s a good thing I really like these.


IMG_5252Semi Homemade.  Amy’s Organics Lentil Vegetable soup… with fresh cilantro!

My Morning Routine as of Late

As you can see, even my meals reflect the busyness of the last couple of days.  Lots of repeated meals, snacks on the go, breads, and convenience.  This used to bother me, but then I think about my college commuting days, and I’m so much more thankful that I can heat up this soup in my home and not eat it cold in my car.  Those were dark times.  Yet even then, I started to see that not just food, but some sort of routine can keep one healthy.  Whether nightly readings, mid-day computer fun, or my personal favorite, positive mornings.

Nothing sets your day, like the morning.  How you wake up usually affects your whole day.  If you read a lot of health and wellness articles, you prob heard some of these things before.  It’s because it really does work!  The first hour is somewhat a crucial point depending on what you are doing or what is going on in your head.  Starting my day calm, positive, and quiet are some of the most important qualities.  As these are what works for me, I can only hope one would try and see what works for them.

1.  Dance in the dark.  Or rather wake up in the dark.  Got your attention right?  Anyways waking up in the stillness and quietness of early morning can be somewhat therapeutic   There are certain energies in the air, that make for a more peaceful, less anxious state.  You also get the feeling as if you are rising with the sun.  As the sun comes up, you start to awaken as well.  It’s so important to correlate our body’s with nature.  This can help you also at the end of the day.  We start to unwind as the sun goes down.  Almost like our ancestors, our body’s can be our own clock.  So in bed, open your eyes, take a few deep breaths, stretch those beautiful limbs, and get the f*** out of bed!

2.  Hygiene.  Go the the bathroom.  Empty your body and bladder.  Brush your teeth.  All the bacteria and breath that has formed in your mouth needs to go.  This prevents you from ingesting that when you first drink or eat anything.  Splash cold water on your eyes.  This sort of wakes you up, or really, just begins to open your eyes.

3.  Warm water with lemon.  I can go on and on about this one.  But in short terms this is an everyday cleansing act.  Starting your day with warm water is great for hydration and activating your digestive system.  During your (hopefully) 6-8 hour fast, your body has not had anything too eat or drink, so your digestive system has turned down (something it actually does beginning the night before).  When you begin your day with coffee or caffeinated tea, you are only dehydrating yourself further.  The lemon is a way to not only wake you up with that slight pucker and tang, but cleanse your body for a new day.  This happens within the digestive and lymphatic system so your body can handle what will start to be digested.  This is something that I have been doing for a couple of years now, and I can’t even begin to explain how much it has helped.  I advise you to please read this article about why you should drink warm water with lemon.  It explains everything more in depth and even more!!

4.  Journaling/Writing/Lists.  Just write!  I actually used to journal a lot more back in the day. Then I started experimenting with morning pages.  As much as I sometimes enjoyed it, it took too much time to do.  Also since it was about anything and everything, I would sometimes right down negative thoughts that I think actually ignited them even more, not release them.  Anyway, I started just keeping a book of Gratitude.  As I have my water with lemon, I write down 5 things I am grateful everyday.  Anything.  From my family to a comfy bed.  It helps me remember how truly blessed I am and it starts the positive thoughts early, before anything or anybody can put that effect on me.  I also started to write “Goals for Today,” which is basically me taking time to evaluate what and when needs to get done today.  When you are more calm, you tend to be less anxious or over ambitious with those daily goals.

5.  Meditate.  5-10 minutes.  That is all you need.  5-10 minutes to clear your head.  Not think about what you did, or what needs to be done.  No thinking about problems, family, crushes, or worries. It can be hard, but once you see how much better you feel with just listening to your breath, it’s worth the overcoming the hesitation.  Don’t feel silly or scoff at it.  Try it.  Even if you can ‘t get the hang of it right away, trying it is the first step.

Whichever of these you choose to do is only beneficial   What you add or take away is completely up to you.  If I have time, I can usually get a chapter or passage in from a book I am currently reading.  Maybe I can meditate a little longer.   I’m sure in time, my tastes may change, but for now this is what works and I hope there is something everyone can take from.

IMG_5255Afterwards, I can only hope you enjoy a divine breakfast.  Remember that warm water with lemon ignites that fire!!!

Hope you can make your Wednesday a little more special!




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