Right Now

Good Morning beauties!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was pretty good, if I say so myself.   Another weekend filled with friends, family, and food, it was my kind of weekend.

Here’s the foodie part (just some of my favs)

IMG_5183Sprouted english muffin, peanut butter, banana, cinnamon.  An oldie but a goodie.

IMG_5197This cute little whole in the wall Mexican place by my house. I went with my grandparents.   I think I need to go there one more time, to give some review.  The place is too cute though!

IMG_5209This “Ayurvedic” tea blend my friend had.  She is a tea lovaa and what a coincidence she had tea of my love.  Really cinnamony with a hint of sweetness.  I have to buy this and know what it is!

IMG_5217Brunch ala Yesi!  Sauteed kale, onions, garlic, fried egg, tomato sauce, and cilantro with sprouted muffin topped with avocado on the side.  So yummy!  I wiped that plate clean!

IMG_5226Dinner with the grandparents.  Grandma made Spanish Style Brown Rice!!! I was so happy!  With vegan pasteles and avocado, divine!  (plus one more pastel 😉

IMG_5231Oatmeal with a friend!  Yay!  I though it be a special occasion and bought out the works for the toppings.  I had to show her how oatmeal is done in this casa.

IMG_5233Sunflower butter and apple cranberry butter for moi.

Right Now

With nights out like these, with family and friends, I can’t help but notice how my mood is always so much better when with others.  Lately, I have fallen into a trap of worrying, analyzing, and repetitive thinking when just me.  Even in yoga, it’s been harder to concentrate on what is going on NOW.  What I am supposed to be doing and thinking about NOW.  Not what is going to happen, or even worse, predicting what will happen.  I’ve been trying to keep up with my book, A New Earth.  The author is deep, wise, and sometimes confusing.  If my mind isn’t solely on the book, I can easily loose what is going on.  Just that alone makes me focus on the one thing, right now.  My life is far from set, I try to plan, and get back on track, but then you know what happens?  Shit happens.  I guess it’s harder because when with others, I put on that smile, that calmness, but with myself no need to.  So my mind wanders and thinks not so great thoughts.  You’re ego loves it.

So my goal for the week, my mantra, my intention, is to focus on now.  What I am doing now, what needs to be done now, and just to be the witness of my thoughts.  That is something I learned in yoga, and can’t help but notice how true it is.  To be honest, right Now is never the “problem.”  It’s usually the past and future.  I just have a “problem” with the future I guess.

So to make the right now a little better:

1.  Be a witness to your thoughts and feelings.  Accept them.  Move on.

IMG_5234(I am not suggesting alcohol, but rather enjoyment with just you)

2.  Fake it till you make it.  Smile randomly.  Pretend for a little that you are spreading positivity to the world and others around you, even when it’s just yourself there.


I hope you guys have a great start to the week!




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