Month: February 2013

A Constant Reminder

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you all had a good nights rest and ready for the day.  Can you believe February’s over??? I can not.  My life is flashing before my eyes.  I am getting old, which obviously means my grandma status is getting more and more acceptable.  Oh yeaaa!

Yesterdays eats:


I tried to make breakfast a little different.  Banana whipped oats… with dates and sunflower seed butter 🙂 Seriously, a delicious change.  I don’t use sunflower seed butter a lot, but I was definitely craving it in the morning.  This actually lasted me almost 5 hours.  Gotta love that!


IMG_5642Working during lunch and dinner time really puts a damper on cooking.  It also creates a monster within me because I was ravenous!  I didn’t eat till 3pm, but for me, 1pm is ideal.  Here I added quinoa to the soup, made a side salad with some avocado and Newman’s Italian dressing, and some bread.  I ended up eating the other half of my avocado with the bread at the end.  It’s probably one of the best combinations. Ever.  Snack was an orange.


My Mantra

So after I wrote about how I might have to slow down, or let something go, I set myself a mantra at yoga that day.  A mantra is an intention that one uses for their practice/life.  It may be something they would like to feel, experience, or remind themselves.  It may also be a dedication towards another person.  When you say it to yourself, most likely you will start to feel or do it.  My mantra:

It is enough.

Being able to only stretch so far .  It is enough.  Putting down one of my books for a few weeks.  Two is enough.  Doing 30 minutes of school work some days.  It is enough.  Not going to #yogaeverydamnday.  Thrice is enough.  Going out once a week.  It is enough.  Getting six hours of sleep a night.  It is enough (for me).  Not being able to cook all week.  Well, at least I still ate.  That is enough.

I’m trying to learn that doing a little bit can still have great benefits.  It becomes almost progression every time.  I’ve always had this all or nothing mentality.  That if I can only do a little, then I might as well not bother.  When I get annoyed, discouraged, or upset about what I need to accomplish, knowing that I was able to dedicate some of my time towards whatever it is, I just remind myself, well, that was enough.  Hopefully, I am blessed with another day, another week, to do whatever it is I please.

IMG_5645Enjoying my morning everyday.  Damn right that’s enough!

Enjoy your day (maybe weekend) beautiful people!




Self Care: Ayurveda Quickies

Good morning!!!

Hope you all got a good night sleep and ready for the day!


Today we’re gonna go through some simple tools and routines one can use to really benefit your body if done on a daily basis.  They are simple but have great results.  They can be done in the morning or night, so you may be able to accomplish no matter what.

Self Care with Ayurveda Staples

Here is what you need:

1.  Tongue Scraper.  This is great to use every morning after brushing your teeth.  What this does is effectively remove all the bacteria and toxins that had formed overnight.  When you wake up, examine your tongue before brushing your teeth.  You’ll notice a film or coating on your tongue which is all the “ama” built up.  The tongue is directly correlated to different part of the body from heart, liver, to the intestines.  What you do is put the scraper in the back of your mouth and pull from the back of your tongue to the very tip.  Do not go back and forth.  Repeat 2-4 times.  This keeps your tongue cleaner, which than allows you to be more sensitive to the taste of your food.  This affects both your mind and digestion.

2.  Dry Brush.  Dry Brushing is basically giving your body a dry massage.  What it does is stimulate the skin and your lymphatic system so you have better blood circulation and releases toxins built up in the body.  Our lymphatic system removes waste and supports our immunity so its best to keep it flowing and healthy.  Dry brushing also removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the body so it’s best to do this before a shower, and preferably in the morning to get our going and invigorated.  I usually start from the bottom up, but from the top down is fine too.   Make sure you get your feet legs, butt (buttox?), back stomach, arms (underarms as well), and shoulders.  Work your way up or down using a circular motion.  Exclude your neck and chest.

3.  Oil Foot Massage.  This is great to do every night to calm yourself before bed.  Massaging from the feet you directly release tension from the day.  Using sesame oil gives a deeper massage by directly infusing a warming effect on the body.  Perfect for those cold winter nights.  After your done, put on some cozy socks and your good to go for some sleep.

These things are essential to do every day in order to reap the benefits.   I have been doing this for a few months now, and I can’t imagine skipping any of these rituals.  My favorite is the dry brushing,  definitely notice the difference in my skin!


Enjoy your day lovelies!




Helloooo there!

How has everyone’s day been going?  Mine has been eh.  Pretty productive and then I crashed.  I’m supposed to be going to yoga… we shall see.

After the weekend, I def needed to cleanse a bit.  Nothing crazy, just some whole simple foods.  As you’ll see, Monday’s was a bit more simple than today.  Thought I should up the flavors and calories 😉



IMG_5617Breakfast with banana whipped oats and pb

IMG_5620Purple grain bread with herbed olive oil

IMG_5621Veggie Soup with carrots, celery, cabbage, and cannelini beans


IMG_5628Banana whipped oatmeal with coconut, pb, AND coconut sugar!

IMG_5630Purple grain bread and herbed olive oil 🙂

IMG_5633Leftover veggie soup with avocado, cilantro, AND quinoa.  Literally, just amazing.

Love the way it went from simple and delicious, to still simple and amazing.  In between I have just been having either grapefruits or oranges, loving that citrus.

Still have a part of my day left peeps!

Enjoy your evening guys!



Weekend Lessons

Good morning beautiful people!


How was your weekend?  I hope it was absolutely amazing, even at least one hour of it.  Mine was good.  Did a little bit of everything, work, family, friends, food, and movies.   Not too shabby, eh? Well, through it all, I learned a little something, or rather many things.


1.  Food (and drinks):  I have become a very sensitive being.  Not only emotionally, but physically.  Food that was once so easy for me to digest, and drinks that I never want to give up, have been affecting me more and more.  Why?  Because my food habits are so different. My body knows what’s good for it and it’s up to me to listen.  As I’ve been reading a lot about Ayurveda and food for my dosha, it has all come together.  For me spicy, very salty food, and alcohol aggravate Vata, with my slight Pitta.  For me, it’s def seen all over my face.  I now am trying to lay off…


  • Spicy food.  Mild is fine, but whenever I get that heat, it goes straight to my head. Goes for Indian or Mexican spice.  I must add something cooling, such as avocado, or yogurt to calm the heat.
  • Eating out.  Some restaurants are very generous with salt.  Italian for example.  All the salt and sugar to make that delicious pasta sauce, is definitely too  much for me to handle.
  • Wine.  Alcohol  in generally alright for me, but wine is a very heating beverage.  One glass at a time.  Two is asking for trouble.


2.  Family time.  Nobody knows me better than my padres.  During this stressful couple of weeks, I can’t think of no better people to talk to and catch up with.  It’s necessary   Even a day with the grandparents is therapeutic   It’s nice to talk and listen to their advice.  And their advice now, slow the f*** down.  I’ve been trying to do it all, and it’s seriously a struggle.  I’m gonna have to learn balance and figure out what is really important for me to do.  My question is:  What do I let go?


3.  Friends.  No matter, I usually always have a great time.  My intention for lent has been to work on my introversion tendencies.  I have learned so far that my characteristics and personality isn’t bad, but just not ideal in the American culture.  Yet, while being so busy, one of the things I did sacrifice was my friends.  It’s sad, because I miss them.  Yesterday, I hung out with old and new friends, and let me say, I laughed till I cried and gave my abs a mini workout.  Did you know laughing is a form of exercise?  It’s in my book 🙂


4.  Work.  I’ve been busting my ass at work.  For a while I was slacking, unmotivated, and frankly too tired to care.  I don’t know what made me change (I think it was the fact I was less exhausted from yoga and early wake-up calls), but I’m glad I did.  I feel better when I give my best.  Almost as if I did a good deed for myself, coworkers, and managers.  When you work hard, it shows, and people always appreciate.  It’s your individuality affecting your team.  And, we always laugh through the madness.

5.  This weekend I watched Schindler’s List.  Absolutely amazing.  I am really not into violent movies (aka. corny action flicks or un-necessary gory films) but when it comes to history, documentaries, or real life, I love it. Give it meaning, importance, heart, and beauty.  It’s a movie that makes you think and feel.  I don’t cry during the torture or death scenes, I recognize it and respect it.  What does make me cry?  Scenes of generosity, community, and strength.  In the end, that’s what always wins my heart.  I highly recommend it.


6.  I can’t skip breakfast.


Till Manana,



Self Care: DIY Post Shower Massage Oils

Good morning lovelies!

It’s Friday   Hollaaaa!  I’m mostly just excited because I’m off.  Don’t be too jealous though, I do work the rest of the weekend.  But I am excited to make the most of it!

I thought I keep today’s post a little short, but oh so good.  It’s about oils.  Oils that you can use to moisturize, help you relax, and even smell good.  A good oil body massage is great for the mind and body.  It may hydrate your skin, warm your body, and help increase circulation within your lymphatic system.  Massage oils are also great to relax, the scented essential oil in which you use, you help stimulate good feelings.  We also can’t deny the fact that the act of massaging oneself also gives us appreciation for our own body.  A time be in touch with our true naked selves, and appreciate our toes to our neck.

All you need is 2 ingredients!

  • oil (alnond, coconut, sesame, jojoba…)
  • essential oil of your choice (if you use coconut I don’t think this is needed, as it already has a strong scent)

Take whatever bottle of oil you use and add 10-15 drops of the essiantial oil.  After you shower, lather a modest to generous amount of  oil onto wet skin.  Massage oil from your toes to your neck.  Pat dry lightly with your towel, just to get excess water off.  Put on a robe and comfy socks to let the oils seep into the skin before you dress yourself, about 10 minutes.  (I got this trick from my mommy 🙂 Thanks mom!)

*I based my blend of almond oil and sweet orange, from my dosha.  Almond oil and sesame oil are very warming, rich, and grounding oils, which is great for me.  I was using coconut oil before, and noticed that my body needed more lubrication (yes, I said it)  especially because it was winter.  The Ayurveda research I did confirmed it as well.

*You may also try oiling yourself before your shower.  I heard that the heat from the shower will about up pours and let the oil seep into the skin that way.  I’m not sure how that works if you use soap to bath though.

In you missed the other self care posts:



Hope you enjoy lovelies!



A Little Bit Of This, A little Bit Of That

Hiiii guys!

Did today just fly by???  Mayb,e because yesterday felt like the longest day ever, that right now I am oh-so grateful its almost time for bed (1opm bed-time, whatup).  Really, there is not much of a difference between yesterday and today, just the order.  Yesterday was school-time and reading, followed by work.  After a late night on the job and 3 hour power nap, it was back to work during the day to down-time tonight.  One subject that was different was the food though…


IMG_5551OIAJ!  Banana whipped oatmeal in an almond butta jar.

IMG_5562Purple-grain bread with sunflower seed butter and banana.  Coffee with cream and sugar.  Oh yes.


IMG_5556Toasted bread with a fried egg and goat cheese.   Salad and butternut squash soup (Amy’s) on the side.

IMG_5567Salad topped with avocado and Chipotle’s salad dressing.  Vegan Thai Dumplings.  Great addition.


IMG_5559It was pretty lame, but tasty.

IMG_5570Grandmas Kitchen.  Rice and beans with sweet potato, vegan pastels, white rice, and avocado.

Everything was delicious and nutritious in their own special way.  Although, most delicious goes to Grandma’s kitchen.  Isn’t that always the case?

Hopefully, I can stay awake long enough to do a little work and reading.  I actually started watching Los Premios (Latin Grammy’s), so if anything I can say I did something different.  Exciting!!!!! Not.

IMG_5574Ginger tea and dates.  Not appealing to the eye, yet amazing once you bite into it .

Buenas noches peeps!!!



Cooking Rut

Goooood Morning!

Happy Hump Day!  I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda wishing this week would fly.  I think I’m officially exhausted.  I napped hard on top of the table at work on my break… not pretty.  I don’t know if it’s from the busy-ness of last week and weekend, but I cannot get my act together yet.  It’s Wednesday, the week is usually up and going by now!   I am sleeping later (but not more), working more, and eating like crazy.  It’s impossible for me to do everything in one day.  Unless, I am up at 5am and go untll 11pm, then yes I can, and I have.  Although, like I’ve said, sleep is always being sacrificed.

Well now one of the other players is being let go.  Cooking.  Something that I used to hold dear to my heart.  It would make me feel good, happy, proud, and actually young.  I’m like a little kid in the kitchen.  I throw everything I like in a pot, make noise, and sing to my music of choice in the process.  I’m a good time.  Yet, I started to feel that everything else is more important.  Sometimes I don’t even know how I survive.  A lot of repeats actually.  Boriiiinggg.

Now I only get about 1 more week left of the kitchen.  It’s being redone.  I’m scared.  We have another one downstairs, but my Grandma is kind of a big deal down there.  How can want to cook while smelling all the other delicious food being made. That’s another way I’ve been surviving:


Lunch. Fresh vegan pasteles and brown rice.  Take note of that salad though.  I’m trying.  I even put a whole avocado, because it’s green, duh.

Point of the story is, I’m going to try.  At least 3 meals in 1 week.  Left overs for at least 2.  Ummmmm, I’m going to try and start it today?  Prob not, because I have leftover pasteles in the fridge, that can’t last too long not eaten. It’s a sin.  And tomorrow, I work.  Damn.  This is going to happen!  I love fresh veggies!  Time to get back to my roots!  That’s all I need to tell myself.

If there’s anything you let go of and feel you need to get it back.  Just try.  Remember how you felt.  If it was great and doable, do it again!

Bye bye, cooking rut!