Foodie Adventures: La Cerveceria

Good morning everyone!!!

Happy Monday!!!  I’m hoping that this morning is starting out right for you guys.  If you guys are coming back from a pretty good darn weekend, make it a good transition into an amazing week 🙂

Where do I begin!  Well, since Friday and Saturday were kind of a bust, I guess we’ll begin with yesterday.

My brother actually went back to school yesterday!!  With over a month at home, I’m definitely going to miss him.  I got really accustomed having someone around and actually spending A LOT of low key time together.  From going to yoga, car-pooling, cooking together, and even just being on our computers, I really enjoyed it.  Anyway we made it a point to drop him off and help him get settled in as a family.  My job….

IMG_5077Organize the pantry!!!  Usually I really don’t enjoy organizing, or cleaning, or being a responsible adult (I’m working on being domestic, don’t fret), but I was pretty excited to work with the food!  It’s more fun the single person way to me.  I find it kind of cute, and actually kind of satisfying playing around with YOUR ingredients.   After I was done, I was wanting to do one for myself.


La Cerveceria


Wow.  Amazing.  I can’t wait to do this again.   It was my family’s first time doing “brunch” in the city, so I guess we didn’t have much to compare the place to, but the atmosphere and food didn’t disappoint.  Check out the website and you’ll see that the place is kind of modern chic, I guess you say (not a restaurant reviewer as you can see, so bare with me, people.)  La Cerveceria is a South American tapas restaurant, with strong Peruvian  influences.  I am half Peruvian, so I think it made it easier for me to enjoy or dislike.  Back to the ambiance though.  The walls have awesome artwork, from paintings, to newspapers, and photographs.  Wine and beer bottles take up a good portion of the walls, so you know it is a place that will try and serve any of your needs.  If you are a fan of spanish/bachata music, definitely come here.  It was like they had the top 40 bachata songs in the last 10 years or so.  It was loud enough for an upbeat casual feel, but not crazy “I can’t hear what you are saying” club status.

La comida


Most of us started with Bloody Mary’s.  Yum.  It was light and fresh.  It wasn’t heavy with carrot juice or alcohol, and here  they used sake, which I thought was different.



The ceviche wasn’t cooked, which was prob our only “complaint” even though I will call it a concern.  Ceviche is made of raw fish, that is cooked with lemon for a few hours.  It must be how they do it, because I’m sure they wouldn’t be serving fish raw if they didn’t mean to.  Peruvians do not eat it raw though.  If you like sushi, it shouldn’t be a problem.  It was also kind of pretty.

IMG_5089Quinoa salad

They took a traditional staple, quinoa, and put an american twist.  With toasted almonds, currants, and goat cheese, twas yummy.  The dressing was leche de tigre (tiger’s milk), which is the juice from the ceviche.  My dad tells me it’s like medicine.  Perfect after a night of drinking!

IMG_5093Tacu Tacu

This is actually a traditional dish from Peru, but again with some American twists.  Tacu Tacu is just rice with black beans and sauce.  On my dish, we have a sausage beer sauce topped with two poached eggs, and peruvian yellow sauce.  Serious Yum.  I wiped my plate clean, but actually tried really hard to savor every bite.



I tried a bit of everyone’s entree, just to make sure none were poisonous.  All were delicious.  The sauce on everyone’s dish was amazing.   It was just enough food to keep us full, but not overly stuffed.

I especially liked the menu because they offer a little bit for everyone.  Tofu scramble and choclo for a great vegan option and my brother enjoyed eggs, potatoes, and mushrooms.  They use organic eggs, and local and organic produce when possible.  When I see things like that about a restaurant, I get really excited.  To me it shows the restaurants care and knowledge about quality of their food.   I love the motto “When in Rome, eat like a Roman.”  I may have just made that up, but you get it right.  I am a foodie and LOVE trying great food.  It’s part of the reason I want to move to California.  To see where it all began.

IMG_5081And I am happy to report that this loser will definitely be my side for the foodie ride… I’m soo corny.

Dessert anyone?

IMG_5121Apple tart from Whole Foods!

It was more like a breakfast cake, but yummy all the same.

Now it’s time for some healthy whole foods once more.  My tummy needs it.  After eating out or ordering in for the past week, I am ready for a mini detox plan.  Bring on the oatmeal and veggies!  I have some great posts lined up for you peeps so stay tuned.


Till next time homies!




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