Back On Track

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you guys have had a good couple of days.   It’s been 2 days, but for some reason it seems like I have a lot to catch up on (don’t worry, it will prob be pictures).  Between sleepovers, not really working, and people feeding me, I’m hoping for this weekend to be a good transition into a semi-good routine.

Not that I haven’t enjoyed myself!  I love spending time with friends, especially those who know me all to well and take me to Whole Foods 😉  I went to a different one in Princeton.  It was amazing!  So big!  So many options!  I was kinda in heaven.  Fresh Foodie Heaven to be exact.

A little later it was sushi time!

IMG_5023Miso Soup

IMG_5024Veggie Rolls and Spring Rolls

IMG_5027Fried Tofu, Bock Choy, Eggplant, and Rice

Then it was back to reality.  I actually had work yesterday so my meals were as follows:


IMG_5034Banana Oats with peanut butter


IMG_5036Rice and beans with avocado.  Grandma was set that I would enjoy it.


IMG_5042Leftover sweet potato soup, roasted broccoli, and olive bread.

My brother had actually made pasta for dinner, but since I hate wasting food, I finished up the soup.  Plus with rice and beans for lunch, pasta def would have been too much.

I know that most people don’t eat the way I do.  I am trying to accustom myself to big lunches.  When I go to bed early, wake up and have breakfast early, it just makes sense for me.  Next week the house will be quieter with my bro starting school, and I actually will be working a little more.  Hopefully brown rice and lighter dinners will help me get back on track next week.  I also need to get busy with my January intentions.  Five more days left of this month.  The year is going by fast!

* unpicture – an amazing chocolate mint lara bar and icecream with chocolate* Definitely not a weeknight thang.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!



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