They Say It’s The Little Things

Good Morning Lovelies!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Excited it’s Monday?  (insert sarcastic face) -_-

But really, I don’t mind Mondays.  I work weekends, nights, and sometimes my weekdays are like my weekends.  Ahhh… the life of retail

Anyways, I didn’t do anything spectacular over the weekend, but all together it was pretty damn good.

IMG_4950Over cooked pasta and kale with white bread dipped in herbed olive oil.  Meal was ehh, but it was nice with the bro.  Little things.

IMG_4962Milk and cookies my brother made.  Experimented with healthy options such as coconut sugar and coconut oil.  Needs works.  But…..

IMG_4960It was those chocolate morsals that still made them delish.  Little things.


IMG_4965Vegan scone with almonds, walnuts, and dates, from Whole Foods for breakfast.  Took me 15 minutes to savor every last crumb, no interruptions.  Little things.

IMG_4975Tried a new flavor larabar.  Delicous and nutritious.  Little things.


IMG_4979I really love Breakfast. The End.


IMG_4980Late light lunch.  Sprouted English Muffin.  Avocado.  Fried egg.  Sun-dried tomatoes.  Amazing little things.

IMG_4987Same ol’ Indian take out and red wine with the whole familia.  Little things


Your own personal ice cream and a scary movie with the family.  Little things.


Is it cheesy to have a moral of the post here.  Oh well.  Moral of the post is, it really is the little things.  Everyone has heard, but it’s true.  All those little moments can make you realize just how lucky you are and how great life is.  Even if you don’t win the lottery, go to an expensive restaurant, go out to the clubs, or meet the love of your life.  Enjoy the simplicity of life’s little pleasures.  Everyone’s is different, so don’t be afraid to embrace what you love!

Have an amazing day everyone!












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