How To Be Vegan…

Hey peeps!

Back sooner than I expected!  I hope you all a good couple of days.  Mine were good.  I got to see some friends that I usually don’t get to hang out with often so that was nice.  We decided on a bummy sleep over which was all too appropriate and needed, at least for myself.

How to Be Vegan… At a Sleepover (and be semi-healthy!)

I know I’m not vegan, but I do try to eat a plant-based diet when out.  Some events are harder than others, but this one was actually easy peazy.

1.  Start you’re day normal!: My day started pretty regular with yoga and breakfast.  I even got to make a big lunch (which I will share be sharing tomorrow) to keep me satisfied till whenever I would be able to eat again.   I think this is important, since if you are on the right track from the beginning, less of a chance you will be irritated when hungry and feel less tempted to give into unhealthy choices.

2.  Food will come when it comes:  We didn’t eat again till 10 pm!  I usually try not to eat so late, mostly because I’m in bed by 10 pm (hello grandma status!)  I’m someone who lives on a schedule.  It helps me get my work done and stay on track on what I need to do.  Eating right, is usually part of that schedule.  Yet I actually was kinda hungry, and we were able to order take-out from a chinese place.  Since I had the big lunch like usual, I was still able to eat lighter and not feel like I had to have “dinner”.


3.  No quinoa and organic vegetables for you!:  And you are still going to live!  I had Chinese vegetable dumplings.  It was cheap and perfect as a light dinner/snack.  Enjoy it.  Not like you get to eat like this all the time.

4.  Drink up or snack on!:  I tried to keep content and healthy on liquids.  I was lucky enough to be at a house of a big tea drinkers!  Yay!  It was actually fun to try different teas, and they even had my beloved ginger tea.  I’ve been scared of getting sick, so trying to stay healthy is not just to be healthy right now.   If hungry, have what they offer.  She offered ample of goods, such as chips, popcorn, canned soups and beans, and even pasta.  We had a late breakfast, so I was able to hold off.  Since all we did was watch movies on the couch (promise, I don’t do this often)  I wasn’t up for much eating anyways.



5.  Get in the kitchen for a little:  We stayed in and decided to make breakfast!  Perfect time to cook if you ask me.  Might as well start your day off right!  I made myself oatmeal while they had waffles.  Not a bad deal. If they are your friends and know what you like, most likely they are going to offer what they can.


Boy does she know me well!  She took out the oatmeal, raisins, and peanut butter.  She’s good. Instead of the pb, I swapped it out for some nut clusters instead.  Twas delicious and filling.

6.  Enjoy your time together:  It’s not just you, there are people around to chill with and talk to.  Enjoy it.  I don’t get to see my friends that often, but when I do, I learned not to make a big deal out of anything.  I’m down to do whatever, whether it’s go out for drinks to lay on their couch.  I can drink by myself and lay on my own couch if I wanted to, but I rather do yoga and homework by myself.  Enjoy whatever you are doing with the other person.  Laugh a little more, it can help you live a whole lot.

Eventually things will get back to normal.  You will always be able to come back home to a healthy meal and helpful routine.  I actually came home to some leftovers.

IMG_4947Leftover balsamic roasted veggies, quinoa, and hummus on top.

I actually think the hummus got me sick, I know it didn’t expire or taste so different, but it was a different brand then I’m used to and it was open for quite some time.  All I know is it sat like a brick in my stomach and I woke up to pain in the middle of the night.  No bueno.  Didn’t last too long, so I was able to wake up at normal time and have one of my favorite breakfasts.

IMG_4948OIAJ!! (banana oats to be exact 🙂

I hope this was semi-healthful.  I guess this may be common sense for some, but for those who are used to their own food, diets, and practices, change for a day may hard.  It’s also to show, that you can try and be healthy and have fun, even when it seems you will have to let go of it all.

Hope you guys enjoy your day!



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