Eating Like One “Should”

Good morning people!

How are you all?  I hope you guys are awake and ready for the day begin.  Let me tell you that this chica legit fell asleep during yoga!!! So embarrasing!  I woke up pretty tired, but I knew I had to get some yoga in since I’ll be taking a couple of days off.  It was during savasana (dead man’s pose), which is the last pose of the class where you lie like a corpse. Normal breathing, still body, still mind.  Well, before you know it I’m lying there, heavy breathing, mouth open, and dreaming!  I tried to keep myself focus on the breath, but I guess I was focused on rest.  Damnnn.  Want to the new purpose ohming took on today?  An alarm clock to signal the end of class.  I woke up in shock hearing the whole class chant.  I just was hoping everyone had their eyes closed like they should have.  #yogiproblems

Anywaysssss, lets go through yesterdays comidas.



Sauteed apples in coconut oil and cinnamon with a little chai tea on the side.  I woke up a little later and wanted a little something before yoga.  It was actually perfect because it didn’t make me feel heavy at all.


I forgot to snap a picture!!  I guess because it was basically a couple of on-the-go snacks.  I got out of yoga and had to do some SERIOUS groceries.  All I had was a larabar and banana to make it until I got home.

Lunch Pt. 2


Doesn’t this look pretty?? Whole grain Baguette with a fried egg and topped with cilantro.  So simple and satisfy!



Cannelini Kale soup!!! So yummy!  I wish I knew how to make good soups, like ALL the time.  It’s always a hit or miss for me!  My mommy made this and there were so many veggies, it made me really happy.  I’m a simple girl remember?  She asked me to buy some vegan bacon, but I could not find such thing, even at Whole Foods!  So I bought regular bacon.   I actually had to consult with my brother, since he’s careful about his meat too.  Well, we both devoured that soup.



Ice cream on the couch.  Yummy!  Chocolate Coconut Milk ice cream with extra chocolate chips and shredded coconut.  Trying to cut down on the sweets again since I got too comfortable this weekend.  Hopefully, I make it through the week….

I would say this is a normal day of eats for most people.  Smaller meals, snacks, soups, sandwiches, small desserts… Pretty healthy still.  Since the new year and the excitement of people trying to keep to there healthy resolutions, you hear now more than ever how one should eat.  Could be what they hear or what they experience.  For me, the Ayurveda way has been going great.  I like my bigger meals, less meals, and minimal snacks.  I’ ve never been a snacky person to begin with, even when I was little.  There are off days, and complicated ones where my meals take a back seat, but in general I still try and eat healthy no matter what.  The next couple of days will be just that.  I’ll be out, so I will do the best I can to feed myself right, even if that means small meals and snacks or pasta and bread.  The horror 😛


Today, I’m glad to say I can eat what I like in the comfort of my own home.  With some banana oatmeal, black tea, and yoga done and digesting, I’m ready to start this couple of days right!

How do you start your days on the right track?

Till next time peeps!


ps.  When eating differently and trying to get your digestion on the right track, ginger tea becomes my savior.  Some local raw honey, you can aid your digestion and up your vitamins and antioxidants for the cold winter months!



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