Breathe In, Breathe Out

Good Morning lovelies!

Pumped it’s Friday?  For me, my weeks just beginning.  Hollaa for weekend shifts! Anyways, I would say I had a productive week if anything.  Yesterday was prob my lazy day, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


IMG_4826Having fun with leftovers!

I reheated my lentil and rice dish with a bit of water and added some Kombu seaweed to the dish.  It comes from the package dried but once you add water, it’s chewy goodness.  A specific benefit I like from Kombu, is that it’s a good source of iodine, which is great because as I have been watching my limit of table salt which usually is added with iodine.  A better way to that mineral is through this seaweed.  Perfect!

Anyway, I mixed in the brussel sprouts and added the avocado on top for a very green meal.  I even made room for my dessert on the side which was sweet potato topped with cinnamon and sunflower seed butter.  Yummy!


I thought I was going out last night, so I was ready to have a little something heavier, but I ended up staying home.  I didn’t have much of an appetite anyways, so while watching movies, I had some tea and sauteed apple with cinnamon.


Yoga Breath

Since the new year, I’ve been going to yoga alot more.  I started back with vinyasa flow and noticed how much my body and breathing changed.  Of course, everything was harder.  What I once done with a bit of ease, was a little more challenging.  Postures, movement, but mostly my breath.

As I talked about before, vinyasa is the form of movement with breath.  Most importantly, with the use of ujjayi breathing.  The deep inhale and exhales makes your lungs stronger.  It helps expand your lungs to breathe easier and oxygenate your whole body.  It makes for easier movement through tough postures and most importantly in such a heated room.  I would catch myself taking short breaths or not breathing at all when in a posture!  There is a yoga saying “it’s not about doing the posture, but the integrity you hold once in it.”

When a posture is tough, or a certain part of your body needs special attention, you send the breath to that part of the body.  Frog pose?  Your hips hold the most emotion in your whole body.  When you want to cry, curse, or give up during this posture, send your breath to your hips.  Once you learn to concentrate and do that you’ll realize during this tough time, you can make it, and won’t be as torturous.  Breath is most important to relieve pain.

It’s the same with real life situations.  When s*** hit’s the ceiling or your going through something hard, just practice you’re breathing.  Take a deep breathe in, fill your lungs with the most oxygen possible, fill your lungs, let it be received throughout your body and mind, and let it go.  Feel your chest deflate.  Where ever there is pain, pressure, emotion that you want to end, send you’re breath there.

You can not do anything without breathing.  When I move through my vinyasas, using my own ujjayi breathing is not only beneficial during the postures, but a beneficial during my practice, to concentrate on what’s I’m doing now, how my body is feeling, and where I really need focus my breath.  On Wednesday, it kind of came back to me, and I had my best practice yet.  I remembered what it felt like when you actually remembered to breathe.  It became easier

IMG_4836Oatmeal, banana, almond butter

Enjoy your weekend beauties.  Whatever feelings come up, whether great or not-so great, just breathe.




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