Where Does the Day Go?!

Good morning everyone! (as I make the biggest yawn)

Seriously, I can’t get enough sleep now a days.  All I want to do is go to bed when it’s cold and dark and stay in my warm sheets all morning.  Is that a crime?  Oh winter, with two more months left give me the strength to wake up!

The reason I like to wake up so early is because for me, I can get alot more stuff done during the day.  But somedays, it doesn’t seem like enough time!  After waking up, blogging, breakfast, and yoga, the rush began.  By then, it was 11 and thought I had more than enough time.  Ha-ha-ha.

After yoga, I went to marshals to get an outfit for an interview.  You would think it would be business interview clothes.  I bought new sneakers and yoga pants.  Hollaaaa

IMG_4825My first pair of sneakers in 2 years.  $20.





I made a simple rice and lentil dish with vegetables.  I thought it was pretty good.  Not my best, but definitely something I can work with.  Well, I guess it needs more help for the rest of the world because my bro wasn’t to0 fond of it and it didn’t even look like my parents tasted it! Damn, talk about tough love!  So until then, ima work with it, and see if I can spruce it up.  All it really was though was brown rice, green lentils, mashed sweet potato that was baked, and roasted bruseel sprouts.  I’m addicted to avocado, I can put that ish on anything! Yummy!

Between Marshals, cooking, cleaning, and eating, I ended rushing fo sho!  Le sigh*

I went to hang out with my momma at her salon.  My mommy owns a hair salon by the way!  She’s a bad ass.  Anyway chilled there for a couple of hours to then come home and eat a little snack before I went back out.



Sauteed apples in coconut oil with cinnamon and coconut sugar. Yummy!

Then I went out to spend time with some girlies.  Crazy that the friends now, are the friends I have had forever.  These girls actually go back since elementary school.  One of them actually remembers the day she met me in 4th grade.  Hahahaha.  Love that!  With talking and Just Dance kicking our butts, we had a pretty good time.

Today, hopefully I can get some work done.  Too much running around yesterday to sit down and concentrate on school or applications.  After yoga, I am strictly sitting down and working!



Notice anything different from yesterdays breakfast? No?  That’s because there isn’t.  Had the same exact breakfast today as yesterday, so I used the same picture 🙂  Although, I never mentioned what it was.  Sprouted english muffin with almond butta, banana, and cinnamon   Great pre-yoga fuel!

Enjoy your day people!



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